WATCH: Boris Johnson avoids burqa drama by offering journalists cups of tea

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Boris Johnson, former foreign secretary in Britain, avoided questions about his statements towards the niqab by offering journalists cups of tea on Sunday.

Reporters were patiently waiting outside Johnson’s home to hear his remarks after he criticized the niqab and said that Muslim women wearing them looked like letter-boxes or bank robbers, but Johnson refused to comment.

One of the journalists asked Johnson whether he “regretted his comments,” but the 54-year-old evaded the question by saying “I would like you to have a cup of tea.”

“I am here solely on a humanitarian mission because you have been here all day,” he added.

“You have all been incredibly patient and I feel very sorry for you because I have nothing to say about this matter.”

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, Johnson described the burqa as “ridiculous” and “oppressive.”

Johnson is expected to talk about the statements he made on a public appearance on Monday next week.

US activist Steve Bannon, told Johnson to not apologize or “bow at the altar of political correctness.”

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