WATCH: Saudi farmers make world’s longest Arabian Jasmine necklace

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Saudi farmers were successful in forming the world longest Jasmine necklace, consisting of the renowned aromatic plant, with a length of 111m and a weight of 120 kg.

The necklace was done by 37 experts in Jasmine cultivation, taking four days to complete.

On Tuesday, farmers displayed the necklace which was done in four days in the southern Saudi city of Jizan, during the inauguration of the first Jasmin festival in the kingdom.

Pictures of the Jasmine necklace and a video dominated Saudi social media.

The kingdom began organizing many festivals that reflect the diverse varied environment of the Kingdom from one region to another, contrary to what is said about the domination of the Sahara over all the vast lands of the country.

It is not clear yet whether the festival organizers are seeking to register their Jasmine necklace in the Guinness Book of World Records, or not, according to Erem news reporter Qahtan al-Aboush.

The Jasmine and Aromatic Plants Festival, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, is set up in the Corniche of the southern city of Jizan, with the support of the General Authority for Entertainment and the cooperation of a number of concerned parties and partners in the region.

The festival’s organizers are keen to introduce Jasmine, its characteristics and its connection to the heritage of the Jizan region and to develop and enhance tourism programs and employ jasmine as a basic identity along with diversifying festivals in the region and providing opportunities for farmers, investors and those interested in growing Jasmin.

The festival is attended by 30 exhibitors for Jasmin cultivations along with 30 productive families during a month-long event targeting 300,000 visitors, providing 75 jobs for youth along with supporting the non-profit sector through the participation of 60 field volunteers in addition to providing training on growing Jasmine.