Lebanese man sentenced to 14-year jail term in Paraguay for torturing baby

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Ali Fouani, a Lebanese living in Paraguay, was sentenced to 14 years in prison with no appeal for any reason on Tuesday for torturing his 16 months-old baby with the most gruesome tactics such as burning him with cigarettes, plucking his nails, and kicking him.

Fouani tortured the baby for a whole month, according to local media, then he fled to Brazil to try and run away from the international arrest warrant which Interpol was following him with for three weeks.

The 26 year-old eventually got exhausted from hiding and turned himself in.

In his hearing in Paraguay yesterday, judges refused the suggestion of ten years in prison made by Fouani’s lawyer, who says that his client was under the influence of Cocaine when he tortured his son, but judges added four years to the lawyer’s demand making it impossible for Fouani to leave prison and go back to Lebanon before he’s 41.

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The baby’s mother, Fouani’s girlfriend, is a 17 year-old Cocaine addict who has been living with him for the past eight months.

Every time the couple fought, Fouani would beat up his girlfriend and threaten her with killing the baby should she tell anyone about his bad treatment. He would then go on to torture him in front of her.

One day, after the regular routine, he left the house threatening to kill her if she says anything to anyone, but she took the chance to take the baby who was unconscious and bleeding to a nearby hospital.

Doctors said that he would have died if he hadn’t arrived in the last few minutes when they were able to save him.