Syrian trapped at Kuala Lumpur airport for six months gets marriage offers

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Hassan al-Kontar is considered a real life Tom Hanks, from the movie ‘The Terminal’, where he has actually resided at an airport for the past six months.

The Syrian has been stuck at Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s Terminal 2, which is the city’s low-carrier terminal, after realizing during a layover there that if he went through immigration, he would be deported back to Syria. So he decided to stay in the arrivals terminal, and is taken care of by AirAsia, who provide him with three meals of chicken and rice every day.

Kontar’s situation might be seen as tragic to many, but one positive outcome is that the Syrian man is actually currently getting several marriage proposals from all over the world.

“I refused several marriage offers from women from around the world, one of them offered to come to the airport immediately to marry me,” Kontar said while laughing in a phone interview with the InfoMigrants news site.

On his official Facebook page, several female Facebook users have commented on Kontar’s pictures calling him “the most desirable bachelor”.

“Which girl wouldn’t marry such a handsome guy?” one Facebook user wrote.

“So where can I take a number?? I come with as a double bonus of dual UK and Canadian citizenship,” another user wrote.

But the Syrian said on a more serious note that he rejects the idea, and wants to do things legally.

“I’m not the type of person who seeks to achieve their goal by using other people, even if those people agree to it,” he said.

He added that those keen on helping him do not have the power to change his situation. International organizations are the ones who can, “but they do not care about what happens to me,” he said.

The refugee claims to have contacted various human rights’ organizations for a salvation to his predicament, but none have been able to help him.

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