Baby safely delivered in mid-air on Saudia flight

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In a rare and joyful event, a child was safely delivered on board a flight heading from Saudi Arabia to the Philippines, thanks to the timely presence and expertise of Dr. Jan Saret, an obstetrics and gynecology consultant at Aster Sanad Hospital in Riyadh. Both mother and child are in good health.

The Saudi Arabian Airlines aircraft was mid-flight and cruising at a high altitude on its way to the Philippines, when the mother went into labor. Unable to make an emergency landing the cabin crew called for help, and Dr. Saret, who was also on the flight, stepped forward to help.


According to the doctor, attempts were made to stall the delivery until the plane landed. However, that could have led to complications for the mother and her unborn child.

So Dr. Saret drew upon her courage, expertise and knowledge to deliver the baby and keep the mother safe on board the plane despite the scarcity of medical tools.

The mother of the child commented, “I didn’t plan to have my baby above the clouds, but my contractions were getting worse every minute. I feel so lucky that Dr. Saret was on board. Thanks to her I was able to feel safe throughout this incredible experience.”

Dr. Jan Charmaine Almonte-Saret is a member of the Aster Sanad Hospital, a part of Aster DM Healthcare network. It is a multi-specialty hospital in Riyadh that is dedicated to improving the lives of people through state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, highly experienced doctors and compassionate care.

The Ob/Gyn consultant with over seven years’ experience in Saudi Arabia, remarked: “When it became evident that we would no longer be able to stall the delivery, I made a decision to put the lives of the mother and the baby first. This was the first time for me to deliver a baby under such circumstances but I can confidently say that my work at Aster Sanad, and the spirit of going beyond boundaries to be able to help people in need, encouraged me to save the mother and the baby.”

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