VIDEO: Cow-based products gaining popularity in India

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The idea of panchgavya or five cow products is gaining popularity in India. The products, milk, curd, ghee, urine, and dung, are specifically popular among the Hindu population.

Multiple stores have mushroomed across the country selling range of items based on cow’s by-products. You can choose from soap, toothpaste, floor cleaners, hair oil, incense, shaving cream and face wash.

Hindu scriptures, particularly vedas, speak highly of medicinal properties of cow dung and cow urine. Thanks to the aggressive Hindutva agenda pushed by Prime Minister Modi, cow worship has become more formalized.

Consequently, cow-based products are gaining customers like never before. Not everyone is convinced with the idea though. For majority of people, the mention of cow dung and urine may be repulsive.

Ajay Yadav, customer service at gaukranti store says all our products are made of panchgavya.

“Majority of people are still unaware of these products. Our aim is to make our products available to masses. We usually get 25-50 customers a month. The new generation is not inclined to use products made of cow urine,” he says.

“I am sure once they are aware of its benefits, they will also start using them. We are also offering medicinal products. It is not fair to associate these products with a religion”, says Yadav.

Divakar Kumar, Store Manager at Swadeshaj Store says they have been running this store for the last two years, selling ayurvedic, naturopathy and cow products.

“It is possible that some family products use our products and others do not. It depends on personal choice. People must consider using these items seriously. The government is doing its bit towards this end,” he says.

“Most of our customers are repeat customers—people who are aware of benefits of these products. There is a perception that only elderly people use such items. This is a wrong notion,” says Kumar.

“We have been getting customers from different age-groups. Politics around cow has not affected our business at all. Customers abide by the result of our products, he says”.

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