Dubai police send undercover cop to catch maid selling lovechild for $2,700

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An Ethiopian maid was sentenced to six months in jail by a Dubai court for offering to sell her newborn lovechild to an undercover policewoman for $2,700 (10,000 AED).

A Dubai court sentenced the woman for human trafficking, along with an accomplice who is also an Ethiopian maid, who helped her sell the baby. The accomplice received a three-month jail sentence, according to Khaleej Times.

The baby’s father and the mother were sent to the Court of Misdemeanors for having illicit relations.

A police lieutenant told the newspaper that they sent an undercover policewoman to meet the maid as a potential buyer.

The mother of the child said she had arrived in the UAE five years ago, and worked for a local family for about a year before running away and remaining in the country illegally.

She added that the child’s father abandoned them when she got pregnant, leaving them with only 500 AED.

The maid was caught with the money in al-Qusais, the newspaper reported, and claimed that her bad financial situation was the cause of her actions.

The now detained housemaids can appear the conviction orders after 15 days.

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