After 30 years, this Saudi doctor reunites with his school teacher in surgery

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A Saudi doctor went through a touching experience when he recently performed surgery on his first grade teacher after 30 years of last seeing him.

After three decades, the teacher looked for his student, who became a consultant orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports and foot and ankle surgery, and requested him to perform the operation.

Dr. Ahmed al-Qarni spoke proudly to Al Arabiya English on how he had the opportunity to pay his teacher back for all his effort.

“My teacher suffered a knee injury. He came to the clinic where we reminisced about the school days, my colleagues, the students and the school and teachers. After that I performed the necessary tests and scheduled him for an operation. During the meeting, he praised my excellence and success and did not forget my academic distinction,” he told Al Arabiya English.

“I stayed with my teacher until he entered the anesthesia room and followed up all the medical procedures, I introduced my teacher to my colleagues and he was happy and proud that I was one of his students. After assuring the success of the operation I visited him and wanted to take a picture to commemorate this wonderful moment,” he said.

“Teachers deserve attention and appreciation, and everyone was asking me about how I felt performing on my teacher. I always pay attention and take care of all my patients, but my teacher was a special case,” he added.

Dr. Qarni tweeted saying: “Professor Obaid Al-Qarni, my elementary school teacher. It has been a while since we saw each other and here we meet again but this time I became a doctor and you are my patient where I performed surgery on his knee, I wish you nothing but the best dear teacher.”

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