Kaspersky lab: 90% of people use smartphones to avoid others

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A study made by Kaspersky lab in the United Arab Emirates showed that 90 percent of people use their smartphones to pretend they’re busy when they don’t want to communicate with others around them.

The results of the study show the growing dependence on smartphones anywhere and everywhere.


Kaspersky lab says that 89 percent of people in the UAE use their smart phones to avoid socializing, 41 percent use them to kill time, and 34 percent use them for entertainment.

The study also suggests that introverts are becoming more and more dependent on smart phones every day, using them to complete necessary tasks with minimum amount of human interaction possible.

Twenty-nine percent of people prefer ordering a cab or searching for directions through a smart app, considering it to be “easier” than talking to somebody.

Thirty-five percent of the people involved in the study said that they would be worried about entertaining themselves if they didn’t have a connected mobile phone, while 16% of them said they would feel worried about not being able to fake being busy if they didn’t have their smart phones.

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