VIDEO: Pakistan’s truck art blends color with folk traditions

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Truck painting is passion as well as big business in Pakistan and the art form has developed its own genre.

It blends Pakistan’s folk traditions with modern art and different cities in the country have developed their own designs.

The city of Khushab is known for its unique designs. Truck Art Painter, Abdul Razzaq, says he has been doing this for 30 years.

“People from all over Pakistan come here to get their vehicles painted. Khushab offers unique truck art designs not done elsewhere,” he says.

“We also paint these designs much quicker than others. There are around 100 truck art workshops here,” he says.

Truck art is seen as investment on the vehicle. Beautifully decorated trucks are more likely to be hired.

The best work

According to Truck driver, Muhammad Ramzan, In Khushab they are guaranteed the best work.

“I have come from Leya district to get my truck painted. It has been 15 days and my truck needs 10 more days,” he says.

The art doesn’t come cheap. In some cases, they run into thousands of US dollars.

Painter Abdul Razzaq says people spend large sums on their trucks.

“A new truck takes at least 5,000 rupees to get painted. People who love their trucks spend even millions”.

However, cost is not a deterrent for truck owners and painted trucks remind drivers of their home as they stay away from their families for months.