Australian entrepreneur becomes Indian legislator to serve place of origin

Aftab Husain Kola
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A successful young Indian entrepreneur based in Australia dared to dream of change for his native place in India and now has an opportunity to realize that dream.

Meet Wajib Ali, 36, who has been elected Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) on the Bahujan Samaj Party’s ticket from a backward Nagar constituency in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan’s Mewar region.


Wajib Ali, first tested his political fortunes in 2013 but in vain and is now geared to bring about a change for his constituency.

Enlightening minds

Now an MLA in one of the country’s most backward region, Wajib Ali exudes confidence that he will nurture the constituency to the best of his abilities. It was a thought that germinated in his mind that despite having all the comforts of life in Australia he owes something to the society where he was born.

So, one fine day in 2013, after having firmed up his business in Australia, landed in India to contest the 2013 Assembly elections but was not lucky to get through. But that did not dampen his spirits and kept the connection of visiting India on and off. And now he has been elected as a lawmaker in Rajasthan.

Wajib Ali with Daniel Andrews, the premier of Victoria State, Australia. (Supplied)
Wajib Ali with Daniel Andrews, the premier of Victoria State, Australia. (Supplied)

Says Wajib Ali: “Though I lost in 2013 but I was determined to return and win. My elder brother Intaj whom we share business interests in Australia is Wyndham City Councilor and this came as a boon to me as I learnt from his experience of campaigning and policy making, etc. So, here I am committed to bring about a change in people’s lives. This area is extremely backward and I have set out a vision to develop the area.”

On being asked what are his immediate priorities, Wajib Ali said, “Our area is deprived of medical facilities, education and other basic amenities. But the key issue is the poor quality of education. Schools do exist here and there is lack of proper infrastructure, qualified teachers, etc. These factors are affecting the quality of education and I will be focusing on that. I am committed to bring in this area higher education colleges for girls.”

He adds, “We have established our own colleges and schools in Australia. The Western Institute of Technology is one of the largest education institutions, with campuses in Melbourne, Dandenong, Maidstone (a suburb of Melbourne) and other places. So, we will use our expertise here in my Constituency and try to provide quality higher education to the students here.”

Wajib Ali first tested his political fortunes in 2013. (Supplied)
Wajib Ali first tested his political fortunes in 2013. (Supplied)

Australian livestock farming

Through the Australia-India Business Council (AIBC), founded to foster relations between the two countries, he plans to bring in new technology to introduce the Australian model of farming in Indian villages and towns, where there is tremendous potential for livestock farming.

He adds, “Another area of priority would be to correct and enhance the negative image of the area. Currently receiving little government support, the constituency requires an image makeover with improved law and order, better education and enhanced healthcare.”

Wajib Ali also warned the ‘hafta-takers; (extortionists) not to harass local farmers. He said that he will fight corruption and would see to it that not a single penny of the hardworking farmers’ money is taken by hafta-takers. He appealed to Hindus and Muslims to live peacefully, and help each other in times of difficulty as they work together for India’s development”.

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