Angry British tourist bites Moroccan vendor for keeping chickens in cage

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A video of a British tourist yelling, “Are you all that uneducated?” at vendors in Morocco for keeping chickens in a cage has gone viral and stirred controversy on social media.

In the video, the British woman is seen insulting the vendors in a Tangiers market, after which she jumped on one of the cages and hysterically tried to open it to free the chickens.

During the incident, one of the vendors attempted to keep the cage closed, which triggered the woman to bite his arm and try to punch him.

According to several reports, the woman, who was allegedly protesting the way the animals were treated, was eventually handed over to the police and taken to hospital to be treated for “hysteria.” She was not arrested.

Social media users slammed the woman’s behavior online, with many discussing tourist behavior in foreign countries, and respecting other cultures and traditions.

“She doesn’t seem to realise that those chickens mean income to this man and his family. #WhitePrivilege,” one Twitter user said.

Many even went as far as blaming British colonialism and “white privilege,” suggesting that the woman’s behavior was a product of ideas which encouraged her to force her beliefs on a culture different.

Others began discussing veganism, with one user saying: “Do people honestly believe that vegetables and fruits enjoy being eaten?”

What the woman was planning to do with the caged birds after freeing them, and where they are now, remains unknown.