Iconic photograph shows Iraqi protesters on Baghdad bridge

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A photo of Iraqi protesters manning a barricade on the Jumhuriya Bridge in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square on November 5 has struck a chord with some viewers. Al Arabiya interviewed the photographer behind the photo.

Mustafa al-Sumaidaie, a 31-year-old Iraqi photographer, calls the photograph “Wall of Freedom.”

For him, the photograph is iconic because it shows “challenge, courage and simple ways of self-defense and confrontation.”

Al-Sumaidaie was participating in the anti-government protests in Iraq on November 5 when he saw the opportunity to snap Iraqis manning a barricade on Jumhuriya Bridge. While he had been taking photographs throughout the protests, he believes “this one is the best to translate to direct message to the public opinion and world opinion.”

“It’s [a] direct message to the all governments around the world that they will not be able to stop, suppress or challenge the poor and young people if they revolt against your oppression and tyranny,” explained al-Sumaidaie.

Al-Sumaidaie added that he is a firm believer in the revolutionary power of photography.

“Photography is the best weapon to fight the fake and to show the real truth and the best way to change the public opinion and world opinion,” he told Al Arabiya English.

At least 270 people have been killed, mostly protesters, since anti-government demonstrations broke out in Iraq on October 1.