Coronavirus: 12 types of people during the global pandemic

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The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the deadly coronavirus a global pandemic earlier this month.

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Countries across the world have enforced lockdowns or urged people to maintain social-distancing measures. Since then, people around the world have been taking to social media to deal with the outbreak.

Here is a list of 12 types of people during the coronavirus pandemic.

The ones who stick to the rules.

The ones who are panicking.

The ones who don’t care.

The ones who still have a sense of humor.

The ones who are taking up a new hobby.

The ones who are working from home.

The ones who are not.

The ones who are introverts.

The ones who are buying in bulk.

The ones who are sick of the coronavirus WhatsApp messages.

The ones who are clueless.

The ones learning to bond with their families.