Video: Angry Italian mayors rage at people ignoring coronavirus lockdown rules

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Many mayors in Italy have started to use their social media pages to remind citizens to stay at home as Italy tightens its lockdown across the country in a bid to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

According to the Italian Interior Ministry, the majority of the population is currently following the rules, but on Monday they also announced that more than 90,000 people had been charged for breaking the lockdown measures.

The death toll from an outbreak of coronavirus in Italy rose by 602 on Monday, marking a slight decrease from the number of deaths of the previous two days, 793 on Saturday and 651 on Sunday.

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Many measures have been taken to enforce the lockdown including the use of drones and army patrols to inspect the cities’ streets. The Italian government also banned any travel inside the country on Sunday.

However many mayors are taking measures a step further and into their own hands. The mayor of the Sicilian city of Messina forbid citizens "from stepping foot on public ground” in a quite colorful way: visiting the city's port late at night to personally check people and cars disembarking from the ferry arriving from mainland Italy.

Other mayors used Facebook Live to reveal the most absurd stories and justifications used by citizens to explain their breaches of the rules. Most notably, another mayor in Sicily complained of people using jogging as an excuse to violate the curfew-like measures.

“Where do you even go running, [...] when was the last run you did - in primary school?!” he said.

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Other mayors took a more positive approach, for instance, teaching citizens how to make salty biscuits to distract from the temptation to leave the house.

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