Lebanese hold ‘lira funeral’ procession with famous ‘funeral meme’ song spin

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A group of Lebanese people held a parody funeral procession for the plummeting lira currency, according to a video widely shared on social media.

Four men dressed in all black carried a coffin as they danced to the beat of the “dancing pallbearers meme” song ‘Asronomia 2k19,’ which became the coronavirus pandemic theme song on social media in recent weeks.

The video shows photos of lira bills glued to the sides of the coffin.

“They buried the Lebanese lira in Zahle, they win the internet,” Lebanese parody account el_3ama captioned the video on Instagram.

Two other men played the drums as they were leading the procession.

The original video of the pallbearers came from a 2017 BBC video report highlighting the unique experience for “mourners wanting a more upbeat funeral” in Ghana.

“I decided to add choreography to it so if the client comes to use, we just ask them: ‘Do you want it solemn… or maybe you want some choreography on it?’” the group leader told the BBC.

Recently, the video resurfaced in campaigns and posts about social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak.

As the lira continues its downward spiral, protests and demonstrations have reemerged throughout the country. In the past week, the lira jumped from 2,000 to 4,300 liras to the US dollar.

However, the latest video isn’t the first time Lebanese people use humor to address a crisis. Lebanon protests were in the international spotlight when their demonstrations turned into raves with DJ’s playing music sets from balconies in Tripoli while others danced the traditional “dabke” in the center of the capital Beirut.

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