Japan Ambassador to Saudi Arabia goes viral for eating dish the traditional way

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Japan’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Iwai Fumio went viral again after posting a video showing him eating a traditional Saudi Arabian rice dish with his hand.

Iwai can be seen in the video shared on his official Twitter account sitting with the governor of al-Sharqa, Riyadh, who was teaching him to eat the dish the traditional way using his right hand.

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“I tried eating the ‘mofatah’ using ‘the five’ for lunch and used advice from His Excellency the Governor so that I could eat ‘using the five’,” Iwai tweeted.

Using “the five” is a Saudi and Gulf slang to mean using the five fingers and palm while eating the traditional way.

The video Iwai shared on Tuesday has so far been viewed more than one million times on Twitter.

Iwai was visiting the al-Sharqa province of Riyadh where he was received by the governor of the district, Adel al-Bawardi.

Iwai, the former Japanese ambassador to Iraq, has a habit of going viral among Twitter users in the region for his fluency in the Arabic language and has use of social media to communicate with other Arabs.

In 2017, Iwai told his Iraqi followers that he fasted the final three days of Ramadan, making him “hungry and excited” to eat his first Eid breakfast, made up of the Kahi and Gaymar, a delicacy usually consumed by Iraqis during Eid, and Klaycha – the country’s national cookie, usually filled with dates.

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