We will keep comparing… and lamenting!

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Today the “super” U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leaves office after four years of hard work during which she met 1,700 kings, presidents, prime ministers, ministers, and officials, attended 755 meetings in the White House, had 570 meals during flights, and took part in tens of thousands of initiatives, interviews, debates, and press statements. Clinton is an exceptional woman. She is intelligent, far-sighted, energetic, strong, and influential. She is keen on interacting with youths, defending women’s rights, and exploring all available opportunities. The 2008 presidential candidate made a tactic withdrawal in favor of her stronger rival Barrack Obama, possibly waiting for that wave of “Obamania” to subside so that she can join the race again in 2016 in a different context. She was a distinguished first lady when her husband Bill Clinton was president and was a pragmatic wife who knew how to protect her family in the hardest of times, thus conquering herself, her husband, her society, and most importantly the White House intern called Monica Lewinsky and winning the admiration of both women and men.

Clinton provides us with a model for ministers and public officials as far as patriotism, knowledge, efficiency, professionalism, responsibility, leadership, and integrity are concerned. She is also an example of adhering to democratic principles, abiding by the rule of law, and accountability let alone nonstop hard work for the purpose of reaching solutions, achieving goals, and building the future as well as thorough comprehension of all vital issues on both the national and the international levels.

In this context, it is important to establish a quick comparison between Clinton and Lebanese ministers to detect the huge difference between her and those “accidental” officials whose loyalties and prejudices give them access to power despite their helplessness and inefficiency and who only care about showoff and inconsequential media appearances. Those ministers lack both vision and action. They are a model for hindrance of progress, abuse of power, illicit gains, corruption, and absence of accountability.

Hillary Clinton, we are jealous of you and for you. We envy those who worked with you and with officials like you regardless of how far we agree or disagree with the foreign policies of successive American administrations. Whether you will back to the limelight or prefer to withdraw from public life, we will keep comparing… and lamenting!

(Mazen Hayek is a MarComms & Media practitioner in MENA; weekly op-ed columnist in "An-Nahar" Lebanon, he can be followed on Twitter: @HayekMG)

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