With the Brotherhood, it is way better

Bassem Youssef

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So what if the Muslim Brotherhood is capable and it rules? No really, so what? Are they not from this country? Don’t they hold Egyptian citizenship? Why do we treat them as if they are from a different planet?

They are citizens like us. Why don’t we trust them? Why don’t we remain silent and calm down a little, so they can peacefully rule the country and implement their project?

So what if they assign the group’s men to all jobs? Thank God they are present, and have infiltrated the ranks of leaderships and ministries.

They do not want authority. No, they are implementing the same strategy they have previously adopted, so they control syndicates and assemblies, and leave the chairman’s post to whoever guarantees their cooperation.

They do not need the post of a minister or governor.

Eyes on other posts

Why do you need a foreign affairs minister when you have Issam Haddad as the president’s consultant for foreign affairs?

Why do you need the post of Alexandria’s governor when you have Hassan al-Prince as deputy governor?

They believe in participation, as long as it is formal and friendly. There is plenty of room for everyone in authority, but as a consultant, your opinion will not be required, and as a formal friendly official, you have no value, since your Brotherhood deputy is in charge.

So what if all the president’s consultants who are not with the group resign? There are so many who are willing to present themselves as part of a sweet, diverse opposition.

Please do not think that the Brotherhood is using those who trust them and agree with them, only to dump them later or place them in an air-conditioned office as a president’s consultant. It is true, though, that these consultants will not meet the president, and that their suggestions will not be taken into consideration.

Please, do not try to convince me that Brotherhood members do each other favors and occupy ministries, councils and committees like locusts, and that they are marginalizing others. This is unjust, and it is defamation. Put yourself in the shoes of a Brotherhood member who grew up within the group. Is it possible that he would have the heart to bring in someone who does not belong to the group?

How can he possibly do so and trust this man, when he has been raised not to trust anyone and not listen to anyone who is outside the circle of his leaders? He is excused. After decades of being tracked down and suppressed, you cannot trust someone who may be there to infiltrate your circle. How many times has this kind Brotherhood member heard from his leaders that others are looking for him, or that his disobedience may threaten his security and that of his family?

But this is in the past now. There is no more suppression or tracking down, now that they are in authority. However, there is political dispute and criticism of the group’s policies.

These critics are enemies of the Islamist project (it is no problem if you do not see it), and enemies of the country’s stability (it does not matter if there is no evidence).

The media, police, judiciary, army, activists and politicians are all against us. They are all like a “mosquito’s buzz,” as the president described them. Therefore, they must be eliminated one after the other, by using temporary allies that are easy to get rid of later.

Brotherhood’s reign

Hopefully, tomorrow the Brotherhood will be able to spread to all state institutions and divisions, and the country will be calmer, without any tendentious opposition, annoying media, or a judiciary that reveals the legal defects of the regime.

We will live in this country under the umbrella of the rule of the Brotherhood, which holds the true faith. Their businessmen will fill the vacuum caused by those who went broke, or fled, or refused to cooperate. Catastrophes will occur in managing the country on the political and economic levels, or rather on the levels of national security and sovereignty.

Promises to restore the Caliphate, expel the U.S. envoy or regain Jerusalem do not matter. Each has its time, and the time has not yet come. We do not know when it will come. The decision is in the hands of the Brotherhood, so there is no use arguing. All of this does not matter, because whoever makes the decision, supports it or opposes it, either belongs to the Brotherhood or benefits from it.

All these disasters will be justified through friendly talk within the group. The Brotherhood knows a lot. Let us be chess pieces in their hands, because they know what the next moves are. All we have to do is support them and trust them. We have to silence opposition if that is what it takes.

Who among us would not like to live in a country like this? What has opposition and speaking out benefited you, other than causing you headache and heartache?

I call on you to accept this wonderful model of the Brotherhood state. Let them act as they wish, and let us enjoy being chess pieces or friendly observers.

Is this not calmer? Come on, let the country quiet down a little.

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