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Badria al-Bishr
Badria al-Bishr
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It seems that the Brotherhood do not accept criticism, even though they were well-known for being vocal critics against the former regime which arrested and imprisoned them. Today, they came out of prison and began threatening to imprison their critics, after people had trusted the MB and chose them based on their promises to rule with justice according to the saying “If I am wrong, criticize me.”

However, the Muslim Brotherhood did not accept well a satirical show on TV that criticizes and puts public figures under the spotlight. The president’s supporters do not believe that media freedom is a right guaranteed by the constitution, but rather, that the criticism of the president offends Islam. Some might say: This is one of the aspects of power; however the Brotherhood were not part of those who say, dear God, our ultimate aim is power but rather, they used to say, dear God please do not make the world our main concern.

The Brotherhood leaders were as deceiving as the opposition expected them to be; many have been waiting and monitoring the MB’s moves. The Brotherhood faced many obstacles, and the enormous mass that is waiting to be lifted off the streets is tremendous. Still, they were the ones who rushed to hijack power, claiming that they know how to instate Justice and its bright future adding that “Islam is the solution.”

The Brotherhood leaders were as deceiving as the opposition expected them to be.

Badria al-Bishr

What Bassem Youssef has said in his program is not even close to the obscene words with which he was attacked by the supporters of the Brotherhood and Salafi mainstream, who appeared on their TV channels and harshly cursed him. Someone said that Bassem Youssef embarrassed him, because he is like Laila Elwi sowing discord, and because he shaves. These insults were justified by saying “God condemned the infidels and the Prophet condemned the violators.” This is indeed the outcome of the arrival of the Brotherhood to power, “spreading insults under Islamic excuses.”

Contradictions of Mursi

Bassem Youssef did not address the president with repugnant words; he only broadcasted recorded scenes showing the inconsistent statements of the president and this is not Bassem Youssef’s fault: It is a trouble caused by the abundance of consuming speeches. President Mohamed Mursi appeared in a recorded passage criticizing Mubarak’s government because it dealt with the International Fund with usury and accepted loans with interests, then he appeared in another passage on the day he took office saying: “The International Fund does not practice usury, God forbids. How would I accept that Egyptians eat from usury money! They are just administrative fees.” In another passage, the government insists on covering the budget deficit by selling so-called Islamic deeds. Did you notice that the government is the one that used the Islamic deeds term, not al-Azhar? Because ever since the Brotherhood came to power, it started to label everything as Islamic, while in fact it is compromising the interests according to the occurring changes. So, what is the difference between what the current president is doing and the former president who should not have governed, from the Brotherhood’s point of view? The MB’s president respects international agreements and peace with Israel, goes all-out to obtain loans with interest, and agrees with the infidel west’s interests when necessary.

The Brotherhood should not be ashamed if they failed to apply what they previously called for (in what concerns the foreign policy), but their real failure is on the local level; their first failure was the inability to establish legitimate political institutions, causing the growing breakdown of the Egyptian economy, then came the scandal of isolating the Egyptian Attorney General, a decision that was rejected by the Supreme Court that appointed him again as Attorney general with full power: this is a significant breakthrough in the Tyranny approach.

Unfortunately for the Brotherhood, they came to power at a time when “everything is recorded,” therefore, when some Brotherhood and Salafi Sheikhs were not able to silence Bassem Youssef, and the demonstrators failed to terrorize the journalist by besieging the Media Production City, praying in front of its gate, and cursing the media that is breast-fed by Satan, they were finally forced to accuse Bassem Youssef of offending the religion, since they consider themselves as the Islamic religion itself on earth. From their point of view, Islam only needs a long beard and a Zabibah (bruise found on one’s forehead purportedly caused by praying prostrate on the ground), and subsequently, there would be nothing wrong in what they do or say, and even they can use Islam to justify it. In all cases, the Egyptian Brotherhood is like all human beings in their weakness towards power and their eagerness to rule without opposition, this is why they will not accept a man questioning them; they became a living proof of a joke where a citizen named Youssef asks the government’s representative who visited him: Where is the bread? And in the second visit, someone asked: Where is Youssef?

This article was first published in al-Hayat on April 3, 2013.
Dr. Badria al-Bishr is a multi-award-winning Saudi columnist and novelist. A PhD graduate from the American University of Beirut, and an alumnus of the U.S. State Department International Visitor program. Her columns put emphasis on women and social issues in Saudi Arabia. She currently lectures at King Saud University's Department of Social Studies. Twitter:

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