Why West’s military action is necessary in Syria

Hamid Bahrami
Hamid Bahrami
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Almost all influential western leaders have condemned the recent chemical attack in Douma in Syria but as the saying goes “talk doesn’t cook rice”. How long is the international community prepared to go in its appeasement of Assad, the Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei and Putin?

The latest chemical attack was exactly before Bolton takes his new position as National Security Adviser to test Trump’s new appointment of new hawkish politicians.

There is no doubt Khamenei and Putin bear responsibility for the chemical attack in Douma. All other hypothesizes in this regard is not logic.

The West should form a military coalition with its Arab allies to target both Assad regime and the IRGC military bases in Syria

Hamid Bahrami

The West must now prove that it has the courage to stand up for and defend human values, which have been trampled brutally and ruthlessly in Syria by Assad regime and its Iranian backers.

Furthermore, in reality, after seven years of civil war in Syria, it is preposterous to speak about political solution while Iranian regime and Assad have gained the upper-hand by gassing both civilians and opposition.

The former vice chief of staff of the US Army, General Jack Kean, rightly says in this regard: “War is on the horizon here because of Russian and Iranian action in Syria”.

Iranian regime

Indeed, if the West does not hold both Russia and the regime in Tehran to account for the atrocity in Douma, they will pay a big price in near future in EU capitals and Washington.

We have already seen a chemical attack in London by Russia. Such unacceptable attacks could be more common in the future, if the West continues its passive policy.

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The West should form a military coalition with its Arab allies to target both Assad regime and the IRGC military bases in Syria. This crucial action will change the balance on the ground in favor of ending this crisis in the Middle East.

President Trump rightfully blamed his predecessor, President Obama, for his failed policy towards Syria. But, today, the world expects President Trump to alter this failure for a right and firm policy on Syria.
President Trump and his new National Security Adviser Bolton are in a position to deliver.
Hamid Bahrami is a former political prisoner from Iran. Living in Glasgow, Scotland, he is a human right and political activist and works as a freelance journalist. Bahrami has contributed to The Hill, Al Arabiya English as his work cover’s Iran’s Middle East actions and domestic social crackdown. He tweets at @HaBahrami and blog at analyzecom.

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