Investing into an Israeli victory in Lebanon

Khairallah Khairallah

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It is not true that Lebanon can stay away from any negative developments that can destroy its economy if it remains without a government. All statements that the world will not give up on Lebanon fall under the category of the meaningless.

Lebanon urgently needs a balanced and consensual government. It needs this now more than ever. The Lebanese are supposed to be aware of that, away from those who want to settle accounts with Saad Hariri and the Future Movement under the excuse that the Future Movement only has 17 Sunni MPs left when it had 27 in the past. They should also be aware that it is time to find a new balance that relies on the results of the recent parliamentary elections.

First of all, the elections were held according to a strange electoral law which Hezbollah, which means Iran, has been preparing since 1999 in order to weaken the independence-oriented movement in the country and place all the cards in its (Hezbollah’s) hands, including the card of the parliamentary majority.

The economy in Lebanon cannot wait for long. There is a need for real statesmen who are ready to bear their responsibility. The country does not need men who drag it into new adventures that are based on delusional victories achieved in Syria

Khairallah Khairallah

Iran's involvement

Iran, which frankly announced via General Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the Quds Brigade in the Revolutionary Guards, that it views itself as the one in control and that the Lebanese parliament must achieve all its goals, could not achieve this purpose. There are still parties in Lebanon that resist the Iranian expansionist project which gets clearer each day and shows its most hideous facets in every place where Tehran established an armed sectarian militia that follows it.

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This project that has an imperialist nature can be seen in its most hideous manifestation in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon where it managed to change the nature of the Shiite society to a great extent. However this does not mean that all the Shiites in Lebanon are with Iran.

What there’s no escape acknowledging is that a large part of the sect’s sons work for Iran and have dedicated themselves to serve a project that does not yield benefits as much as it yields catastrophes on the country and all its sects.

There are some who think that Lebanon must “strategically position” itself, i.e. become a follower of Iran, after all the successes which the Syrian regime achieved in its war against its people. These views conveyed by Hezbollah MPs are not accurate. It’s still early to talk about a Syrian regime victory against the Syrian people, although all signs indicate that the Idlib battle is near.

Syria is divided and Bashar al-Assad’s fate is unfortunately in the hands of Israel. The regime could not achieve any progress in the Syrian south, all the way to Daraa, and to let ISIS attack the Druze in As-Suwayda and surrounding towns except via an Israeli green light and Russian collusion.

The Israeli green light came as a result of the coordination between Benjamin Netanyahu’s government and Russia and the US. Israel proposed the condition of going back to the disengagement agreement in Golan which is signed with Syria in 1974. The Syrian regime accepted this.

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The guarantee to accepting what Israel wants was the presence of Russian military police in the Syrian south to protect the disengagement agreement which Henry Kissinger devised. Miraculously, international observers returned to their posts in Golan and the disengagement agreement, which Israel seeks to solidify its occupation of the strategic hill that Syria lost in the 1967 through, is now being protected.

The Syrian war

Israel is the one who won in South Syria. Does Hezbollah through the MPs of its parliamentary bloc want to change Lebanese givens so they become in its favor and in favor of Iran and the “Axis of the Resistance” based on an Israeli victory in Syria? This victory can be put within the context of the mysterious circumstances under which the Syrian army withdrew from Golan in 1967.

This is not the time to engage in a futile argument over who won in Syria and how this will reflect on Lebanon. What can be stated, however, is that the internal war in Syria entered a new phase where the cards mixed up again.

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It’s enough that it’s not known what the US will do in the Syrian north after it decided to keep its troops in East of the Euphrates. It’s also not known what Turkey will do in case the Syrian regime decided to enter Idlib and commit new massacres, of course with Russian support.

Where will Idlib’s people go, and what is the fate of those who relied on Turkey and its promises and on the statements of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan which turned out to be nothing but empty talk?

It’s best if the Lebanese begin looking into how to fortify their country domestically instead of looking into how to avenge from Saad Hariri and the Christians who refuse to be under the dominance of Hezbollah and its weapons and from the Druze who know well what’s on stake in the region and how it’s dangerous to demand an alliance of minorities.

Self-immunization of the Lebanese situation begins with abandoning the illusions of changing Lebanon’s strategic post and with comprehending how dangerous the economic situation is. Statements about an economic disaster that may befall on the country are serious.

The reports published in several media outlets, such as the Economist, cannot be underestimated. The country’s economic situation needs people with the minimum level of awareness and knowledge about what is going on in the region and the world.

These people do not necessarily belong to a certain political group that has a regional agenda but belong to everything that has to do with what’s happening in this world and with how to attain the aid allocated for the country.

There is aid worth $12 billion that Lebanon can benefit from if there’s a decent government that enjoys the minimum level of credibility. This aid was allocated to Lebanon by the CEDRE conference that was held in Paris in April.

The economy in Lebanon cannot wait for long. There is a need for real statesmen who are ready to bear their responsibility. The country does not need men who drag it into new adventures that are based on delusional victories achieved in Syria and which are in fact Israeli victories, no more, no less.

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What’s certain is that Lebanon is still waiting for this kind of statesmen to form a government that enjoys the trust of the international community away from a complex called the Rafiq Hariri complex and his project which restored life to Beirut and restored Lebanon’s position on the region’s map between 1992 and 2005.

Are there really people who want to protect Lebanon or do they want to remain captive of this complex which mainly controls two types of political parties?

The first party is the one that makes serious statements to cover up its incapability, ignorance and dependency while the second only sees Lebanon as an “arena” that’s used to serve the interest of foreign parties, mainly Iran. These parties have invested for long using weapons, money and the incitement of sectarian instincts in order to change the face of Lebanon and not just the face of part of the Lebanese people.

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Khairallah Khairallah is an Arab columnist who was formerly Annahar’s foreign editor (1976-1988) and Al-Hayat’s managing editor (1988-1998).

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