Qatar comes back empty-handed

Mohammed Al Shaikh
Mohammed Al Shaikh
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I said it and I will always say it that the Saudi Kingdom is not a banana republic like Qatar that lives without history, legitimacy and a rooted culture, and this is what is the Muslim Brotherhood and the statelet of Qatar do not realize.

The Muslim Brotherhood used the Jamal Khashoggi incident and tried to take advantage of it to achieve their old dreams which are represented in disturbing the security and stability of Saudi Arabia, by distorting the image of its leaders and demonizing them, and especially the image of our great dream Prince Mohammed bin Salman. This is what they have been trying to do after they had realized that their survival at the time of this great pioneer is impossible.

Thus, once the circumstances of Khashoggi’s case appeared to them and Hamad bin Khalifa, they started to exaggerate and ignite everything through their satellite channel Al-Jazeera, through the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and some of the Western media platforms, whether the ones that Qatar bought or by bribing the workers in the platforms which they could not buy.

This harmonizes with what Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany Joseph Goebbels said: “Lie and lie, until people believe you”. However, liars are eventually exposed. They have been threatening us, ever since the crisis of Khashoggi’s disappearance emerged, that the Turks have irrefutable evidence, recordings and photos that are tantamount to a knockout for Saudi Arabia.

After almost three weeks of fuss and rumors, Turkish President Erdogan asserted what Saudi Arabia said about the case. He added some questions and suggested that the accused ones be tried in Turkey; he gave no statement or a hint opposite to what Saudi Arabia’ government had said in a detailed statement that was attributed to an official source and that was published on Reuters. Those who work with Qatar had raised the ceiling of accusations and dealt with the case like an ambiguous and foggy movie.

I would say to the Muslim Brotherhood and, Hamad bin Khalifa who still controls Qatar: At the beginning you tried to recruit and polarize the Saudi Sahawis and Sururists, paid them millions and bought media platforms for millions. You limited your goal and your utmost desire to disturbing the stability and security of Saudi Arabia ever since Hamad’s coup against his father. All your mad attempts and reckless adventures failed. You conspired with Gaddafi, whom you eventually turned against. This is in addition to your irrational financing of the Arab Spring, or to be more precise, the bloody spring, and you also used terrorists, adopted them and issued them Qatari passports to facilitate their harmful movements. You clung to Khashoggi’s case not because you love the man, but to use it as a pretext to harm us. As for the results, you failed every time and you returned from you aggressive attempts empty-handed.

If there was a rational person in the Qatari leadership, who deals with the incidents objectively and wisely, you would not have faced all these disasters which at the end, the Qataris are the ones who are paying for.

Saudi Arabia’s leadership, specifically in this era, enjoys legitimacy and acceptance that are rarely found in Arab countries, except for the UAE. Your attempts, or more accurately the attempts of Azmi Bishara, your great preacher who thinks on your behalf, will have no impact on us and will only harm you.

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Mohammed Al Shaikh is a Saudi writer with al-Jazirah newspaper. He tweets @alshaikhmhmd

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