Rep Ilhan Omar’s ‘peace’ proposal puts her duplicity on display

Hussain Abdul-Hussain
Hussain Abdul-Hussain
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In an attempt to show she is more than a poster child for veiled women of color, US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar revealed a so-called “Pathway to Peace” policy proposal last week.

The package of seven bills purports to outline “a progressive foreign policy… that centers on human rights… and makes military action a last resort,” according to a statement by the Democratic representative.

It claims to “rethink the country’s approach to foreign policy,” but really seeks to undermine America’s most trusted international alliances, redraw the global geopolitical map and puts the Congresswoman’s shocking double standards on display.

The proposal creates a new type of sanctions for foreign countries “with respect to foreign countries that are in violation of international human rights law.” But the sanctions are not intended to contain hostile foreign powers, but to stop America from providing defense cooperation, security assistance, intelligence, training or equipment to other countries.

American security assistance and defense cooperation are not available to all world governments – they are only reserved for Washington’s allies. So Omar’s “progressive foreign policy” is designed to punish America’s allies, not its foes.

Omar has a track record of opposing America’s sanctions policy, arguing that they hurt ordinary people more than their state. In October, the Congresswoman penned an article for the Washington Post titled “Sanctions are part of a failed foreign policy playbook,” arguing against sanctions on Turkey, led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose government backs the Muslim Brotherhood extremist organization and is a close ally of Omar.

However, she appears to support the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement when it applies to Israel.

In each one of her proposed foreign policy actions, Omar’s double standards are on display. She calls for sanctions against America’s allies that allegedly violate human rights, but at the same time argues against sanctions for Iran, which has a well-established track record of supporting terrorism around the world and suppressing basic freedoms in their own country.

And when Omar calls for withholding American defense and intelligence cooperation with allied countries that violate human rights, she seems to forget that she broke ranks with her Democratic Party in Congress and voted repeatedly against sanctions on Turkey designed to punish Ankara’s military operation against Syria’s Kurds.

Omar’s bias is clear. She has clearly allied herself with Erdogan, whom she met in 2017 and whose Turkish-American cousin donates to her campaign. Her foreign policy advisor was Iranian-American Mahyar Sorour – who is affiliated with NIAC, an organization whose founder Trita Paris was found to be lobbying for the Iranian regime.

Whether Omar’s double standards are because of malice or naiveté is anybody’s guess. Either way, her duplicity does not reflect American democracy and her self-styled “progressive” policies for peace would empower America’s most hostile enemies.

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