Why Biden targets Saudi Arabia

Lee Smith
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Joe Biden’s party has it in for Saudi Arabia. First, it used the press to smear Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman in order to protect Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. Now, Biden and his allies are furious that Riyadh won’t shield his climate change agenda by pumping more oil. If Riyadh refuses to make up for the consequences of Biden’s Green New Deal, then the White House is warning through its proxies that it may cancel security arrangements that help protect the Kingdom and its oil fields.

Biden’s deliberate demolition of America’s fossil fuel industry in the name of environmental virtue has sent energy and food prices soaring at home. With midterm elections coming up in less than a month, and inflation at record highs, Democrats are vulnerable in key races around the country. That risks signature Biden initiatives—like climate legislation and the Iran deal. The message to Riyadh is: Drill, baby, drill, because if you think legalizing Iran’s nuclear program is scary, it can get much, much worse.


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Framing foreign allies as criminals, demanding they help advance projects contrary to their interests, and then threatening to expose them to their adversaries should be seen in the context of what America’s laptop class calls “the new normal.” That’s the post-COVID-19 phrase the press and social media use to describe an America run by radical elements of the Democratic Party with a taste for utopian social projects with quasi-religious overtones that will save the planet from imminent destruction—albeit at the expense of the American constitutional order. Through such appeals, the new oligarchy hopes to normalize a host of self-evidently destructive projects that empower them at the expense of America’s disintegrating middle class and what were generally accepted to be the interests of the American state.

In fact, before Biden took charge, America was on a roll. Prior to COVID-19, inflation was low, so was unemployment. America’s wars in the Middle East were winding down. But COVID-19 brought unprecedented new peacetime powers to government bureaucrats, NGOs, and the billionaire class that funds them. They’re united under the authority of the Democratic Party, which proclaims itself to be the sole “legitimate” political party in America.

“The new normal” is the umbrella term for a host of social transformations that wreaked havoc on the lives of vast numbers of American citizens, who were banned from expressing dissent by monopoly internet platforms owned by the oligarchs and operating at the whims of government bureaucrats.

And so, get in line with the new order: You must shut your business when America is under quarantine on account of a virus with a 99 percent survival rate, because that’s the new normal. Mandating an experimental vaccine in the absence of hard data was also part of the new normal. Actual data about the risks of vaccines was “misinformation,” even—and especially—if it was true. Riots were normal, if the rioters were “angered” by social injustices of the approved sort. Drug dealers were to be permitted to peddle their wares in the street, and violent criminals to walk out of jail free, in order to advance “racial justice.” Race and gender ideology designed to divide families and communities is definitely part of the new normal in schools, and if you complain about it at school board meetings, the FBI will come after you. If you post your complaints on social media, PayPal wants to take $2,500 per offense directly from your bank account. That’s normal, too.

Just two years ago, the United States was a net oil exporter for the first time since 1973. But this year, we’ll be importing more than we produce. That’s also normal, and entirely the product of design. Biden said he was going to do it, and he did it.

“I guarantee you we’re going to end fossil fuels,” he told a young woman on the campaign trail. Most Biden supporters assumed he couldn’t possibly mean it. It’s the kind of thing a Democratic candidate in his late 70s who’s never held a job outside of Washington, DC is likely to say to get college voters to the polls.

Sure, there’s a large millennialist movement in the Democratic Party that believes the world will come to an end soon if we don’t move to green energy immediately. But psychologically stable adults capable of rational thought and analysis know that American society, never mind the US economy, depends on cheap and affordable energy, which the United States is entirely capable of producing on its own. All serious research into renewable energy sources concludes that they can’t come close to replacing oil, gas, and coal anytime soon. By all accounts, the only viable source of cheap, plentiful renewable energy currently known to mankind is nuclear power, which needless to say is even less acceptable to the activists than oil.

Was Biden trying to drive America back into the stone age by canceling domestic oil and gas licenses? No, he was just servicing Democratic Party donors with big investments in climate change infrastructure. It’s hardly a coincidence that virtually all of that infrastructure—solar panels, wind turbines, rare earth minerals, etc.—is manufactured in or owned by China, the oligarchy’s crucial partner. It’s no coincidence that Beijing is also in business with the Biden family, as well as the families of other leading DC politicians of both parties.

Polling has shown that a large number of Biden supporters wouldn’t have voted for him in 2020 had they known of his and his son Hunter’s financial arrangements with China. But that information was censored by the large internet platforms at the prompting of the US intelligence community, whose luminaries signed on by the dozens to an open letter suggesting that the laptop on which those arrangements were documented was “Russian misinformation.”

And this is the crux of the matter. By demanding Saudi Arabia pump more oil before the November midterm to stabilize energy prices, Biden sought to enlist Riyadh in what is effectively a campaign of censorship to hide from voters until after the election the predictable effects of policies that his administration loudly advanced. Instead, it appears that the president and his allies will have to face the consequences of their choices.

There are worse things than losing elections. Indeed, it should provide an opportunity to rethink priorities, policies, and tactics. Unfortunately, the evidence of the last several years suggests that the party Biden leads and the oligarchy he represents will only redouble their efforts to bend reality to their will, through a combination of censorship and coercion intended to benefit the party’s wealthiest supporters. And as we have seen with Saudi Arabia’s decision to turn a deaf ear to Biden’s demand for cover, attempts to coerce people into ignoring physical reality, as well as their own interests, will lead not only to political failure but also increased resistance and resentment among those who America depends upon for its own future stability and happiness.

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