On Iranian religious democracy

Mohammed Al Shaikh
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Iran’s agents (mercenaries) in Arab countries, particularly the Lebanese ones, say that Iran is a model of a real democratic country since candidates compete freely and fairly for the presidency every four years. I don’t need to say that these are lies as the Iranians’ elections have nothing to do with the well-known rules of democracy and they’re rather a funny and fabricated charade that hides pure dictatorship behind it.

Iran is a religious state that’s controlled by the guardian of the jurist. This cleric rules absolutely with no one monitoring him or holding him accountable. He controls the executive, legislative and judicial authorities. Anyone who thinks – just thinks – about opposing him will be eliminated under the pretext that’s he’s one of God’s enemies.

The so-called president is chosen via a fabricated charade that’s called “the presidential elections” and this is merely a formality as the president’s jurisdictions are limited and he’s more like the secretary of the guardian of the jurist, Iran’s real ruler.

Sunni Islamic terrorism would not have emerged and solidified if it hadn’t been for the sahwa (awakening) phenomenon which emerged after the success of the Khomeini revolution in Tehran

The relation between the president and the guardian of the jurist resembles the relation between a minor and a headmaster as he does not dare discuss anything with him and he does not ask him about anything he does or says because according to the Iranian constitution, the guardian of the jurist’s status is like God’s representative on earth so who dares object against God?
Therefore, anyone who discusses his decisions – let alone object to them – whether it’s the president or anyone else, would be objecting to God almighty. This is exactly how Catholic popes governed Europe during the Dark Middle Ages.

The illusion of Democracy

Iranian elites, who are not clerics, know that Iran’s democracy is just empty talk as there’s no democracy as long as there is a sacred cleric who solely governs all authorities. Therefore, the tale of democratic competition over the presidency aims to throw dust in the eyes.

He who reads the history of religious countries can assert that their future is demise as this is inevitable no matter how long it takes.

The Revolutionary Guards in Iran is tantamount to the church’s guards in Europe during the time when the church ruled. Has the suppression and might of the church guards at the time succeeded at confronting people when they realized that priests’ governance was the worst forms of dictatorships?

The Shiite ‘Pope’

Back then the pope governed on the basis that he was God’s representative on earth. I don’t think there’s any difference between the pope of the Catholic Church back then and the Islamized “pope” of the Shiite church in Tehran. There’s no difference no matter how much Iran’s agents try to market this fake democratic Islamic republic.

What will also lead to Iran’s demise is its strong ties to terrorism whether directly or indirectly. Its relations with many terrorists, particularly from al-Qaeda, have been exposed and there is evidence that proves these ties.

Sunni Islamic terrorism would not have emerged and solidified if it hadn’t been for the sahwa (awakening) phenomenon whichemerged after the success of the Khomeini revolution in Tehran. This phenomenon imitated the latter revolution and politicized Islam on Sunni bases.

Terrorism was born out of the womb of sahwa and it grew in incubators to politicize Islam. Therefore, the world will sooner or later realize that eliminating terrorism cannot be achieved unless by eliminating the phenomenon of both Sunni and Shiite political Islam.

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Mohammed Al Shaikh is a Saudi writer with al-Jazirah newspaper. He tweets @alshaikhmhmd.

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