How the civilized caused eastern Ghouta crime

Mashari Althaydi

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What has happened and is happening in eastern Ghouta in Damascus is a crime against humanity and a “stamp of shame on all of humankind”, as the Lebanese Christian politician, Samir Geagea, said.

In his last statement, Geagea said: “Whatever the reasons, arguments or excuses are, nothing justifies the killing of innocent civilians (in large numbers) beyond imagination with heavy weaponry and with this insistence .”

He called for an international military intervention to stop the massacre, because spoken statement are of no use.

Their excuse is that they need to drive out terrorists from Ghouta, but what greater terror is there than killing masses of people blindly

Mashari Althaydi

A forward-thinking stance from an Arab political figure in light of the let down from some Arabs. They ignore the publicized deaths of thousands of civilians, including old men, women and children, by Russian planes, Bashar’s raids and Nasrallah’s guns like mute devils.

A major crime that will be recorded in the name of Russia, the Assad regime and all those who involved with them.

Ghouta and terrorism

The excuse they use is that they need to drive out the terrorists from Ghouta, but what greater terror is there than killing masses of people blindly, Geagea asked.

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I say, yes, there are terrorist activities carried out by al-Qaeda factions like Tahrir al-Sham and the Corps of Rahman although the latter agreed to reduce activity in Russian escalation zones, however, they are now getting more escalation than ever from Russian planes.

Yes, these factions exist but there is also Jaysh al-Islam which was founded by Zahran Alloush in 2013. He died in 2015 due to a Russian air raid.

This ‘Islamic’ faction, made up of people from rural Damascus, is now part of the Syrian opposition who are negotiating in Geneva and other places.

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Zahran’s brother, Mohammed Alloush, a Syrian leader in the negotiating delegation, has battled ISIS and was almost assassinated by them several times. Alloush faction also have clear disagreements with Tahrir al-Sham, who are considered part of al-Qaeda.

No way out

To be honest, even if the fighters in Ghouta were all followers of Ibrahim Hanano, or Sultan al-Atrash or Saleh al-Ali, they would not have been able to escape Khamenei’s militia, Russia’s planes and Assad’s raids.

The Russian goal is to eliminate all of Bashar’s opposition, and enable him to control the people and the country. Everyone who fights Bashar is a terrorist, and everyone who fights with his is civilized.

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Again, we do not support all those who take up arms against Bashar, as among them are terrorists and warmongers, but all of these do not override the clear truth: that the Syrian war has killed almost half a million people, and displaced about 10 million with Bashar’s blessings and all those who support him.

But the people of Ghouta, there’s no remorse for them.

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