Nasrallah, who are you?

Abdulrahman al-Rashed

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Since Hezbollah’s leader has become used to glorification and praise, heaped upon him over the past thirty years, he can no longer tolerate any criticism or people telling him; “you are wrong because your militias are participating in the slaughter of thousands of Syrians.” He has become used to the idea of being applauded by Arab media outlets, more so than any other regional figurehead. This admiration justifies his mistakes and sins, as if any one dare criticize the sacred Hezbollah leader!

Most Sunni intellectuals who stand against Hezbollah previously stood against al-Qaeda for the same reasons

Abdulrahman al-Rashed

Therefore it is not strange that he appears angry and accuses others of criticizing his party’s crimes, doubting his intents, inciting against him and calling for opposition against him. After years of being spoilt, the Sayyed (meaning “master” in Arabic) thinks that millions of Arabs who don’t belong to his sect, must not criticize him. How strange!

He kills their parents, insults their sect, occupies their towns, displaces thousands and then Hezbollah’s chief condemns other Arabs because they are angry at him. Once again, how strange. For us, he is not a Shiite but an extremist person akin to Osama Bin Laden and Zawhiri. Furthermore, Hezbollah is similar to al-Qaeda, the Jabhat al-Nusra Front and other terrorist organizations. Arabs who have been deceived for thirty years woke up too late to realize that Hezbollah is nothing but a mere tool managed by Tehran. Hezbollah’ s policy has nothing to do with Palestine, which it only aims to dominate. The Sayyed, who is surprised that he is being criticized, thinks that Arabs are a flock of sheep which he kills and humiliates. He doesn't even want them to condemn his crimes via the media.

A condescending view from the top

When Qaddafi uttered his famous line, “who are you?” he was going through a similar phase. He, like Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, also considers people to be livestock. He suppressed them and they, for years, kept commending him and thanking him for the humiliation. This is why when he saw the Libyans revolting against him, he panicked in surprise and asked, condemningly and scornfully, “who are you?” Sayyed Hassan too thinks that all people should, and do, believe in his sacredness, dignity and religious hoaxes. It’s true there is a big group of Shiites in Lebanon who believe him, just like most Arabs believed him before, without realizing that he is merely an employee of the supreme leader’s office in Tehran. Iran’s supreme leader never cared about the four million Arab Shiites in the Iranian Ahvaz and a is leader who has caused the suffering of millions of Shiite Azeris; his regime persecutes them and deprives them of their racial and linguistic rights.

Nasrallah engaged Arabs and Muslims in sectarian wars that both al-Qaeda’s leader Bin Laden and his extremist Sunni friends had previously tried, but failed, to ignite. Most Sunni wise men thwarted Bin Laden’s attempts, although he pleased them with the New York attacks and fought their enemy, the West, more adeptly than Nasrallah’s cartoonist wars against Israel. Most Sunni intellectuals who stand against Hezbollah previously stood against al-Qaeda for the same reasons. Many were hurt by the affiliation of Shiite militias with massacres and sectarian murders. We know that most Shiites are innocent of Sunnis’ blood and the same goes for Alawites who have nothing to do with Assad’s crimes. The Sunnis are also innocent of the al-Nusra Front’s, and similar group’s, crimes. But Hezbollah is not innocent of its sectarian crimes and murder in general because it sent thousands to kill, destroy and seize in Syira. It mobilizes the Shiite against the Sunnis using religion and history, just like al-Qaeda and the al-Nusra Front is doing on the Sunni side - mobilizing the Sunnis against the Shiites.

Nasrallah claims that he sent thousands of his militia fighters to protect shrines and “so Zeinab doesn’t get raped again” while simultaneously condemning the Sunni’s desire to protect their children and women. What mentality is this that Nasrallah acts upon? Or what mentality is this that he wants to rule people with? This man is either unaware of the gravity of his crimes, that spark strife which lasts for tens of years, or he is aware but simply isn’t concerned and only cares about pleasing the supreme leader in Tehran.

This article was first publised in Asharq al-Awsat on June 16, 2013.


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