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Hassan Tahsin

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The United States of America together with a number of European countries closed on Sunday their embassies and announced an emergency state to counter potential threats from al-Qaeda and Jihadist groups. They even warned their citizens against traveling to Arab countries.

Politically speaking, the United States and Europe focused on precautionary measures to deal with al-Qaeda threats following a recording of Ayman al-Zawahiri, in which he attacked the U.S. and Western countries. He even called for attacking their interests following the removal of former Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi.

The Interpol issued a comprehensive warning on the same day calling all member countries to be extra cautious in order to handle al-Qaeda threats. It even announced that it made this statement following prison breaks that took place in Iraq, Libya, and Pakistan. It said it had suspicions that al-Qaeda was involved in these prison breaks. It asked its 190 member countries to investigation the events and see if there was any connection.

The spread of global terrorism

Security around the world has been undermined following the threats. Let’s ask a frank question: Who is responsible for the existence and spread of global terrorism?

This is a no-brainer question. The answer simply is the United States of America which has supported terrorism and established al-Qaeda Organization to fight Soviet communism and expelled the Russians from Afghanistan to protect its interests at the expense of “friendly” countries.

The foreign officials who have visited Egypt did not come to help Egypt stabilize but to make sure that their strategic interests in the region are safe.

Hassan Tahsin

The terrorist groups were few and did not have enough resources while most of them worked inside the countries where they were established. But when al-Qaeda turned against the United States, terrorism has become a real danger that threats international security.

Following the charade of 9/11 concocted by Washington, the United States has given itself the right to take any military action against any countries or organization without waiting for any approval from any country around the world. Those who are not with the U.S. shall be considered enemies.

The United States has spun several tragic charades to cover its military actions. It helped terrorist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood as well as jihadist organizations and provided them with millions of dollars in order to break Arab unity and destroy Arab armies one after the other. It even imposed on them "creative chaos and Arab Spring", both terms are not accurate because a chaos will never bring about something positive for the human beings. Moreover, Arab countries got involved in political situations in order to annihilate the huge Arab armies such as the Iraqi and Syrian armies. Now the U.S. is working on destroying the Egyptian army. This is the true meaning of Arab Spring.

Isn’t this the reality on ground?

It is rude and inaccurate to call a wrong act a right one?

What happened in Egypt?

1 - Former president Sadat made a mistake when he agreed to the terms of Camp David Accords, especially not allowing Egyptian military to be present in Sinai.

2 - Imposing an embargo on Gaza and forcing Palestinians to dig tunnels and infringe on the sovereignty of Egypt and disrupt its economy.

3 - Israel’s Mossad helped outlaws and fugitives who escaped from Egyptian prisons to settle in Sinai. It even provided them with everything they needed.

4 - Many terrorist groups settled in Sinai and are fighting Egyptian army and police in order to have their own independent state in Sinai.

5 - U.S. Administration abandoned former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and decided to be an ally with the Muslim Brotherhood despite the fact that the U.S. knows that the Muslim Brotherhood is an extremist group which uses assassinations. The U.S. even helped the group win non-constitutional elections whose results were rigged and made Mohammad Mursi win over Ahmad Shafiq, who had the majority of votes.

The plan hatched out by the U.S., Israel, and the Muslim Brotherhood could have succeeded had it not been for the protests of June 30. The huge crowds who took to the streets caught the U.S. Administration off guard. When they left the streets, the Muslim Brotherhood started to cause commotion and disturb the public peace and create organized violence. It even attacked the Egyptian army and its leaders in order to cause chaos all over Egypt and the Arab Spring, which the U.S., Israel, and the Muslim Brotherhood want, will spread all over the country.

The foreign officials who have visited Egypt did not come to help Egypt stabilize but to make sure that their strategic interests in the region are safe. I say to them to stay away from Egypt because this country will always remain free and will make its own decisions without any partners.

This article was first published in The Saudi Gazette on August 8, 2013.
Hassan Tahsin is a veteran Egyptian writer and a regular contributor to pan-Arab newspapers, including the Saudi Gazette. His writing focuses on Middle East conflicts. Tahsin’s political analysis particularly centers on Arab-Israeli relations on a regional level, and Egypt’s domestic and foreign policies, including ties with the Western world. Tahsin can be reached at htahsin-8@hotmail.com.

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