No more laughs in Lebanon

Nayla Tueni
Nayla Tueni
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Terrorism summarized is an act that leaves behind dead, injured and disfigured people. It leaves behind scars in the body and soul.

Once terrorist acts happen, statements of condemnation in solidarity with the victims are quickly issued one after the other. They are ready-made statements which are void of life and which do not reflect the pain of those who are affected by terrorism. They are nothing but words which are not followed by serious measures to avoid more pain. I do not understand this torrent of statements and television shows that usually add more meaningless words to the situation. Accusations are randomly made by people who know nothing and who express deep grudges. Newscasts are no longer "newsy." Neighborhood officials have become stars appearing on T.V. stations one after the other. They might have paid money to appear on T.V. Money sometimes manipulates professionalism and allows for the incitement of sectarian tensions.

The disaster is that there is someone who dares manipulate our fate and dares take the entire country to a war that we have nothing to do with

Nayla Tueni

The different explosions we are witnessing, the fear and worry that have begun to strike the Lebanese people, the news and the expectations that there will be more booby-trapped cars and that there are dozens or even hundreds of terrorists who are working and preparing to transfer Syria's battles to other countries and others who might escape through the borders into Lebanon are all issues that make laughing silly and stupid. How can a Lebanese laugh over his black fate? How can he gloat over another Lebanese who was subjected to terror when this terror will inevitably target him in this country. A country which could not be adequately divided into cantons due to its small size, the correlation of its areas and economy and the distribution of its sects and families?

Who dares laugh?

In a country like this one, who dares laugh in gloating? The disaster is that there is someone who dares manipulate our fate and dares take the entire country to a war that we have nothing to do with. Someone is dragging us into the wars of others. Someone else does not hesitate to demand foreign support thinking that by doing so he is supporting his group inside Lebanon. These two acts bring foreign disputes into Lebanon and transfer foreign battles, struggles, grudges, sectarianism and international cold wars into a Lebanon that has become tired and can no longer bear going back to times of war.

I do not want to engage in a philosophical analysis of the region's situation or talk about the details of Iranian-Saudi communication or other issues. I will not voice expectations regarding Syria's developments following the use of chemical weapons. I will not voice expectations on whether any Syria developments will negatively or positively affect us. All I want and all that the Lebanese people want is to live with a minimum amount of security and that political parties behave modestly, abstain from making sinful, inciting and murderous comments and make the least amount of concessions to protect themselves and the security of their people and spare the country a new war that leaves no opportunity for anyone at all to laugh. A proverb says: "He who laughs last, laughs best." Amidst this series of continuous murder, no one will be left to laugh. And he who survives by coincidence will be eaten up by pain and will have no energy left to laugh.

This article was first published in Lebanon-based Annahar on Monday August 28.


Nayla Tueni is one of the few elected female politicians in Lebanon and of the two youngest. She became a member of parliament in 2009 and following the assassination of her father, Gebran, she is currently a member of the board and Deputy General Manager of Lebanon’s leading daily, Annahar. Prior to her political career, Nayla had trained, written in and managed various sections of Annahar, where she currently has a regular column. She can be followed on Twitter @NaylaTueni

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