A trend of fanaticism and fear in Egypt and Kuwait

Diana Moukalled

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Do you think "Abla Fahita" was tortured while being interrogated? Do you think she willingly confessed of her involvement in the conspiracy and which codes she was secretly conveying via a TV ad? And how did the "evil" Muslim Brotherhood manage to expand its terrorism to the extent of exploiting puppets?

We've been asking these questions as we laugh and cry while following up on the farce of the terrorist "Abla Fahita," a Muppet-like character used in commercials for the telecommunications company Vodafone.

Hysteria and ignorance

This happened after a public figure in Egypt accused the famous puppet of conveying codes on security operations through a TV ad. The funny part here is not only the accusation but the Egyptian security's move of seriously dealing with the accusation, investigating the story and attempting to turn a blatant joke into a case of national security. In this case, we cannot but congratulate the person whose rich imagination managed to mix between humor and drama in a tacky manner turning the whole incident into a collective delirium.

Jokes aside, what does this reality regarding the puppet and fear of a poet who's been long dead indicate? It seems that fear has become our inseparable phobia.

Diana Moukalled

Whilst laughing at the investigations and comments on the "Abla Fahita" case, a Kuwaiti member of parliament delivered a statement via TV voicing his anger and demanding that the "so-called" Jalaleddine al-Rumi is banned from holding a poetry reading in order to avoid corrupting the morals of women who were to attend the reading of this poetry master, saying "we have no master but God," demanding that the poet should be strictly dealt with.

I don't want to believe that this country representative does not really know who great poet Jalaleddine al-Rumi is and which era he lived in. Not only that! But the MP demanded to ban the poet, who's been dead for more than 700 years, from entering the country!

Jokes aside, what does this reality regarding the puppet and fear of a poet who's been long dead indicate?It seems that fear has become our inseparable phobia.

Perennial fear

When I say fear, I don't mean that fear we feel when we watch the atrocities committed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or committed by the Syrian regime or resulting from explosions in Iraq and Lebanon. It's the panic we're confronted with for the sake of executing our minds before physically killing us.

Yes, we are witnessing what resembles executing the revolutions which three years ago, we were dragged by their hopes. This execution is being carried out by two fanatic parties: one is religious and another is military. This fundamentalism aims to deform our minds by demonizing a puppet and promoting ignorance through a parliament member.

Diana Moukalled is the Web Editor at the Lebanon-based Future Television and was the Production & Programming Manager with at the channel. Previously, she worked there as Editor in Chief, Producer and Presenter of “Bilayan al Mujaradah,” a documentary that covers hot zones in the Arab world and elsewhere, News and war correspondent and Local news correspondent. She currently writes a regular column in AlSharq AlAwsat. She also wrote for Al-Hayat Newspaper and Al-Wasat Magazine, besides producing news bulletins and documentaries for Reuters TV. She can be found on Twitter: @dianamoukalled.

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