Dear Karzai, keep an eye on your ‘dear brothers’ the Taliban

Perhaps the Afghan president doubts whether the Taliban are really behind the attack

Camelia Entekhabi-Fard

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In my opinion, the strangest place in the planet is somewhere between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Let me express myself better; the most dangerous people are from this area or maybe I haven’t clearly said what I mean to say; Taliban militias are based there.

I am sure they are many dangerous places in our world and many people are strange but they don’t claim to be Muslim or to be acting for Islam. The genocide in Rwanda for example was one of the most horrifying crimes in our age or the inhumane torture against Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib prison are another examples, but I am talking about systematic, horrifying crimes, which like viruses and diseases can transform humans into monsters like the Taliban today.

These monsters use innocent children and adults to kill themselves.

Latest strike

The Taliban’s latest attack killed 21 civilians in a Lebanese restaurant in Kabul last Friday.

Like many other journalists on a visit to Afghanistan, I dined at this Lebanese restaurant many times and knew Mr. Kamal, the kind Lebanese owner who was killed. The Taliban quickly claimed responsibility, however, it took 20 hours for President Hamid Karzai to condemn the assault.

These monsters do not have a heart - even for their own children - let alone for the others

Camelia Entekhabi-Fard

Perhaps the president - after all these years of incidents and attacks in his country - doubts whether the Taliban are really behind the attack. Or maybe he believes he can reach peace with the terrorists.

Whatever makes the president hesitate in tackling terror and taking a harsher stance against the Taliban, the recent suicide bombing in Kabul shows that the Taliban’s targets are no longer limited to foreign troops and the Afghan army.

Chaotic situation

The U.S. troops will complete their withdrawal from Afghanistan by the end of this year. With the lack of a security agreement, the U.S. cannot leave any soldier in Afghanistan beyond the due date. It sounds like Afghanistan - in the post-presidential election period in April - could be more chaotic if the security agreement is not signed and the election conducted poorly.

Still I, like many others struggle to understand the mentality of the Taliban, which seems more like being a cult rather than a pious form of Islam. I was shaken last week when I heard that Afghan police arrested a 10-year-old girl wearing a suicide vest, who told the police that her brother had forced her to become a suicide bomber.

This Afghan girl was from the troubled Taliban-ruled area and was told that her brother is a powerful Taliban commander. President Karzai said he would grant her amnesty from the elders in her town to send her back to her home. Interestingly, the girl did not want to go home and told the police that even her father had beaten her in order to force her to wear the suicide vest.

No heart

This may unimaginable for many , but these monsters do not have a heart - even for their own children - let alone for the others. With who does Karzai wants to achieve peace with? I have lost many friends during these 12 years of Karzai’s presidency. All of them were killed by the Taliban. The president has done nothing to bring them to justice. If this situation continues, what can the ordinary Afghan do?

President Karzai and his brothers have enough wealth and places abroad to live safely, what about others? Is it not the right time to fix the problem as much as it possible at the upcoming presidential election? For the sake of humanitarian and global safety, the world should not leave Karzai alone to do as he pleases at the elections and let the Taliban return to Afghanistan.

Around 12 years after the fall of the Taliban in many places like Khost, girls cannot go to school because the central government has no power there. Although Karzai failed to fight terrorism and corruption, today Afghans have their eye on the upcoming elections to see if the next president can fix those troubles. Let’s hope the world does not forget Afghanistan.

We will not forget Mr. Kamal, the owner of the Lebanese restaurant in Kabul who had the opportunity to escape, but bravely took his gun and came out to defend his guests and his territory and was killed. He did not leave Afghans alone, just as the world should not in coming together to root out terrorism.

Camelia Entekhabi-Fard is a journalist, news commentator and writer who grew up during the Iranian Revolution and wrote for leading reformist newspapers. She is also the author of Camelia: Save Yourself by Telling the Truth - A Memoir of Iran. She lives in New York City and Dubai. She can be found on Twitter: @CameliaFard

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