Playing the blame game as Egypt crumbles

Who is really responsible for the chaos Egypt is facing?

Abdel Latif el-Menawy

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Many of those claiming to be wise tell us now and then that those responsible for the terrorism imposed on Egytptian society are those in seats of authority who refuse to contain outlaws and rogues. Those seeking insignificant victories do the same and confirm the state’s inability to understand some of its rogue sons. Those making such allegations are either seeking to win electoral votes or are getting paid to speak as such. Just this week, terrorists responded to those claiming to be wise and carried out explosions near Cairo University. This act is not the first and we must expect that it won’t be the last either. I’ve already said several times that those people’s principle is clear: “We either rule you or kill you.” This is the principle they’ve proven themselves to be loyal to.

The stance hasn’t changed since the July 3 statement. The statement back then reinforced the concept of accommodating the views of everyone. However, the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters didn’t do that either. They did not only decide to be at odds with the people but to also punish them for their political stances that ended up toppling the Brotherhood.

What I currently expect from those who practice politics is that they will begin to practice it upon the basis of patriotism. I expect them to reconsider whom they will ally with and to realize that achieving personal gains and winning electoral votes are contaminated with the people’s blood. These people must unite to eliminate terrorism. I expect everyone to make a clear position towards this group and its followers and towards these terrorist acts. I expect them to stop trying to blame the state’s administration or security apparatuses.

Overwhelmed with anger

When I see how students panic as a bomb explodes in front of the university’s main gate and when I see how martyrs fall, I am overwhelmed with anger – as many are - towards those who decided to reap narrow interests when there is a serious threat against the country.

We hope this series of terrorist operations act as a clear message to the world which is willingly blind whenever it wants to be and which only talks about the rights of those it was once allied with and whom the people later toppled. Those capable of exposing the true face of these terrorist groups have a very important role to play at this phase. No great effort is required to prove the criminality of these groups and their terrorism. What’s required is that all institutions, individuals and groups work to show what these groups are doing to Egypt. Perhaps this will wake up the people and make them realize that if they don’t take a clear and decisive stance, then the time will come when terrorism targets them as well.

May God bless the martyrs of the nation and may he enlighten those claiming to be wise to lean towards those who are not worthy of wisdom.

This article was first published in al-Masry al-Youm on April 2, 2014.


Abdel Latif el-Menawy is an author, columnist and multimedia journalist who has covered conflicts around the world. He is the author of “Tahrir: the last 18 days of Mubarak,” a book he wrote as an eyewitness to events during the 18 days before the stepping down of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Menawy’s most recent public position was head of Egypt’s News Center. He is a member of the National Union of Journalists in the United Kingdom, and the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate. He can be found on Twitter @ALMenawy

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