The Muslim Brotherhood has been exposed - and so has Britain

While Britain’s move to probe the Muslim Brotherhood comes ‘very late,’ it is still a step in the right direction

Khairallah Khairallah

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The British move to launch an investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities is a step in the right direction. The move came very late and the Brotherhood benefitted a lot from British leniency which may be attributed to good intentions and to Britain’s respect of laws and public freedoms. And it also may be due to the historical relationship between the two parties, ever since the Brotherhood was established in 1928.

Some go as far as saying that the British are savvy to the extent of exploiting the Brotherhood to serve their own ends. The Brotherhood, which established institutions in several British cities, were beneficial to the British either on the level of collecting information on terrorist organizations linked to religious extremism or on the level of pressuring certain Arab countries for blackmail purposes.

Better late than never

Although the British move came late, it’s still better than never especially after several Arab countries suffered due to this organization which only cares about taking over authority in any way possible, regardless of whether it’s prohibited or not. Those who suffered from the Brotherhood most are Arab societies in which the organization spread ignorance by infiltrating educational institutions and government departments.

Their permanent aim was to spread ignorance and decrease the level of education so it would become easier for them to control naive people and prepare them to become Brotherhood members who obey orders without questioning their authority. This is the threat of religious groups which recruit citizens in the name of religion for the sake of serving purely political aims. Shiite religious groups are not any different from Sunni ones when it comes to this. Everyone is the product of the Brotherhood school which provides the ability to politically exploit religion.

However the major question remains. Why did Britain decide to investigate the Brotherhood’s activities? Why now? Have the British authorities realized that the damage caused from being lenient with the organization has become intolerable and that the Brotherhood has exceeded their limits, especially regarding the terrorist operations Egypt is witnessing? Have the British finally made the link between the Brotherhood and terrorism?

Brave move

The British government would not have made this brave move if Saudi Arabia had not flashed the red light.

Saudi Arabia considered the Brotherhood as a “terrorist organization.” Egypt had done the same before that. Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates was also suffering from the organization which worked to infiltrate institutions and harm the coherent society.

Why did Britain decide to investigate the Brotherhood’s activities? Have the British finally made the link between the Brotherhood and terrorism?

Khairallah Khairallah

But it seems the factor which really exposed the truth about the Brotherhood was their activity in Egypt and the means they adopted to respond to the popular revolution which ousted their president. It turned out that the resounding fall of the Brotherhood was in Egypt. Egypt thus exposed the Brotherhood. It revealed that the Brotherhood cannot tolerate losing power and that they do not believe in the peaceful transition of power which is the basis of democracy. Attaining authority is an aim of its own for them. There’s no value of what they can present to ordinary people. What concerns them is that they stay in power. Why didn’t explosions and assassinations occur in Egypt when Mohammad Mursi was president, only when it was required to cut gas off to Jordan or to attack the Egyptian army to intimidate it like what happened in Sinai several times? Yes, Egypt exposed the Brotherhood. The most important issue it exposed is that the Brotherhood only believes in violence and that elections are only a means to serve an end and not an end on its own. They exploited the Arab Spring to make it to authority via elections. To them, elections are only beneficial to attain authority. Has Britain finally started to realize this truth which is organically linked to what the Brotherhood represent?

Bid democracy farewell

We can bid democracy farewell after monopolizing power. What’s more dangerous than all of this is that Egypt exposed that the Brotherhood’s only role model is the Gaza experience. The experience of Sudan has been a failure since the beginning, after Omar Hassan al-Bashir clashed with Hashan al-Torabi and after it turned out that there’s no problem for Brotherhood graduates when the option is between power on one hand and maintaining it and dividing the country on another.

What has the Brotherhood, which call themselves “Hamas,” done in Gaza? They played a major role in altering the nature of Palestinian society in the strip in order to serve Israel to the maximum. The rockets launched from Gaza towards Israel serve Israel’s interests. Another way Israel is served is by making the Palestinian people look like they support the Brotherhood’s campaign to inflict Egypt with terrorism. Another service is represented in solidifying Palestinian divisions to the maximum.

There are many issues the Brotherhood could have achieved if it hadn’t resorted to violence in Egypt using the help of Hamas and those who resemble Hamas. It was not possible for Britain to go as far as providing a haven for the international organization of the Brotherhood. Moreover, the Brotherhood infiltrated posts in media organizations in London to broadcast ideas and spread information that serves the Brotherhood campaign in Egypt and that stands against anyone who confronts backwardness in the Arab world - or rather, Arab worlds.

The Brotherhood were exposed and Britain was exposed along with them. Will this help Britain restore its dignity in the Arab world? Will this help it raise the question which authorities should have raised a long time ago? Who benefitted from whom? Did Britain benefit from the Brotherhood or did the Brotherhood benefit from British services? That is, they were provided with a safe haven and media outlets which were intentionally or unintentionally put under their command - that occurred by coincidence which is sometimes better than a thousand plans!

Khairallah Khairallah is a Lebanese writer who has previously worked at Lebanon’s Annahar newspaper, he then moved to London and began writing political columns in Arabic language newspapers, including Al-Mustaqbal and Rosa El-Youssef.

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