Another side to Egypt's Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi

Sisi’s long interview refuted some people’s statements that he doesn’t have the ability to communicate

Abdel Latif el-Menawy
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The interview with Egyptian presidential candidate Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi broadcast last week was the first time he thoroughly addressed all crucial issues that concern Egyptians, their past, present and future. Sisi spoke for about five hours and answered all questions Egyptians have been wondering about. He also revealed how he thinks and how he will manage the state if he becomes president.

Sisi’s long interview refuted some people’s statements that he doesn’t have the ability to communicate with people and doesn’t have a clear vision for the country’s future. Sisi explained the most important aspects of his electoral program and the plans he intends to implement once he makes it to governance. His systematic, clear and organized intellect and his ability to see the problem in its entirety was put on display.

The interview also showed that Sisi has a huge opportunity to lead the country towards safety. This is thanks to his decisiveness, perseverance and ability to bear responsibility and his direct confrontation of problems by analyzing them and formatting a time frame to resolve them.

Sisi’s language during the interview was clear, strict and decisive

Abdel Latif el-Menawy

It was also clear that Sisi is very upset by reality and Egypt’s problems and obstructions which many may not see. He appeared particularly upset about the inability to clearly see problems. This doesn’t only upset him but also angers him, and he’s attempting to resolve this issue by explaining reality to the Egyptians and by calling on them to help restore Egypt’s leading role.

Clear, strict and decisive

Sisi’s language during the interview was clear, strict and decisive. Through his language, he sought to reach everyone despite social differences. Previous governments across Egypt’s history failed to find such a real rhetoric that can reach all people. This is one of the reasons these government’s performance and popularity declined.

There are many issues we can discuss regarding Sisi’s long interview. The latter revealed Sisi’s other face and that he’s capable, strong and strict. The interview also showed that Sisi has a tone other than that of compassion which some mocked.

The interview showed a frank man and this may have shocked or surprised some. Sisi has a vision for Egypt’s future - a vision to take Egypt forward, as he put it. He said he has a dream to restore Egypt’s status - a dream that he knows how to achieve and that he has the ability to achieve. This is what matters.

This article was first published in al-Masry al-Youm on May 14, 2014.


Abdel Latif el-Menawy is an author, columnist and multimedia journalist who has covered conflicts around the world. He is the author of “Tahrir: the last 18 days of Mubarak,” a book he wrote as an eyewitness to events during the 18 days before the stepping down of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Menawy’s most recent public position was head of Egypt’s News Center. He is a member of the National Union of Journalists in the United Kingdom, and the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate. He can be found on Twitter @ALMenawy

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