Lebanese politician Michel Aoun has not been true to his promises

Earlier this week, Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun called on his supporters to take to the streets Wednesday to protest what he says is the government's marginalization of Christian rights and violations of the Constitution. We definitely don’t want to push Aoun to the edge although we disagree with him on many substantial issues - such as how to view Lebanon, its role and means of establishing a state of law and institutions.

Toppling what Aoun represents increases the so-called frustration within the Christian society and may further weaken and divide the Christians. The Lebanese experience has proven that no one is capable of cancelling the other and that Lebanon can only stand upon the consensus chosen by our parents and grandparents who turned out to be wiser than newer generations who are in a blind search of the unknown.

Meanwhile, we don’t understand the point of Aoun’s statement that he defends Christians’ rights which others are trying to decrease. Aoun has not been true to the slogan of change and reform which he’s raised for so long as he’s not progressed at all in his intentions to work hard towards that end.

Toppling what Aoun represents increases the so-called frustration within the Christian society and may further weaken and divide the Christians

Nayla Tueni

Aoun’s representatives at the cabinet either failed to fulfill any achievements or got dragged into the game of dividing interests and became partners in dividing gains. He has not adopted a clear choice in regards to the best parliamentary electoral law and instead of protecting the constitution to be eligible to run the country as president, he only suggests plans that violate the constitution in an attempt to market his ally’s project – i.e. the constituent assembly which establishes for a new system that does not harmonize with our Lebanon.

Fatal harm

Aoun, the defender of Christians, has at some point almost fatally harmed Christians posts. He has several times criticized the Maronite patriarch as well as the president of the republic before the presidential post became vacant. He’s recently attacked the army commander and thus harmed the military institution which actually led him to his current post. In the 1980s, Aoun himself participated in wars that destroyed the most efficient Christian power.

This has weakened the army and made it captive of the tutelage of the Syrian army which invaded the defense ministry – a precedent act that the Israeli army hasn’t even committed. Aoun is currently hinting a confrontation with the Lebanese army via taking to the streets and he’s thus adopting the policy of militias which he’s always declared war against.

Despite this history and these practices, we don’t wish defeat for Aoun; however, we do call him on to reconsider his path and correct his alliances and policies out of mercy on this Christian society who’s been exhausted by wars and uncalculated bets.

This article was first published in Annahar on Aug. 10, 2015.

Nayla Tueni is one of the few elected female politicians in Lebanon and of the two youngest. She became a member of parliament in 2009 and following the assassination of her father, Gebran, she is currently a member of the board and Deputy General Manager of Lebanon’s leading daily, Annahar. Prior to her political career, Nayla had trained, written in and managed various sections of Annahar, where she currently has a regular column. She can be followed on Twitter @NaylaTueni

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