JASTA and the house of glass

The implications of Justice against Sponsored Terrorism Act are an issue of great national concern

Samar Fatany
Samar Fatany
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Unfortunately, the Justice against Sponsored Terrorism Act (JASTA) bill has been passed in spite of President Barack Obama’s veto and many objections from within the United States and abroad. The implications of JASTA are an issue of great national concern. Saudi Arabia has exhausted all efforts to maintain good relations with the United States. The bill will have dire consequences on our standing in the world and could be detrimental to peace in the region.

The Saudi government has repeatedly denied any involvement in the 9/11 terror attacks, however, there are certain elements in the US who are intent on escalating tensions and spearheading a campaign of lies orchestrated against Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi people share sympathy for the victims of 9/11 and their families and do believe that they have every right to demand justice for their loved ones. However, they are going about it the wrong way. The real perpetrators needed to find a scapegoat, in this case it is Saudi Arabia.

Physics professor Steven Jones has written several 9/11 Truth articles asserting that a variety of evidence defies the mainstream tower collapse theory and favors controlled demolition, using thermite. The professor has boldly stated, “We don’t believe that 19 hijackers and a few others in a cave in Afghanistan pulled this off acting alone.”

Europhysics News in August 2016 published a paper on the Physics of High-rise Building Collapses,” which strongly challenges the official US Government (NIST) narrative of the collapse of WTC7 and the WTC Towers. The paper was authored by Steven Jones, Robert Korol, Anthony Szamboti and Ted Walter.

Architect Richard Gage’s group, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, has provided “Truthers” with the ability to claim that thousands of engineering and architecture professionals demand a new investigation into the cause of the attacks. Gage has given many presentations around the world, and his team organizes news conferences and mock debates several times a year.

A documentary film Loose Change, produced by Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas, started the 9/11 Truth movement and created a significant momentum in 2005 and in following years. Hollywood stars who have publicly supported 9/11 Truth claims include Rosie O’Donnell, Charlie Sheen, and Ed Asner.

The 911truth.org, a website dedicated to exposing the “cover-up” surrounding 9/11, and seeking justice for the victims and their relatives, published an article on Sept 10, 2016 about growing numbers of people still claiming the twin tower atrocities could have been an inside job.

Arab countries and others who have suffered at the hands of American foreign policy and military might must now stand up for their rights and demand justice

Samar Fatany

“The shocking accusation, that the West was involved in plotting, organizing, and even carrying out the 9/11 terror atrocities to provide the grounds for the military strikes on the so-called Axis of Evil, remains one of the world’s biggest conspiracy theories.”

A mission statement on its website says: “Our Mission is to expose the official lies and cover-up surrounding the events of September 11th, 2001 in a way that inspires the people to overcome denial and understand the truth.

This month on the anniversary of the twin tower attacks , the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance held its 12th annual 9/11 Truth Film Festival, where the British documentary Incontrovertible was screened.

The online film by Tony Rooke probes into why Building 7 collapsed in the way that it did. It questions the official explanation given after an investigation by The National Institute of Standards and Technology, which still refuses to release all of its data amid claims it could “compromise public safety.”

Sadly, all these claims are ignored and there is continued disregard for repeated calls by reputable American experts and researchers for a more thorough and truthful investigation into the events of 9/11. The majority of the American people refuse to probe for the truth and remain deceived by their media.

Trusted ally?

Today, the JASTA legislation is another blow to the truth. It sends a very negative signal to the whole of the Middle East and Muslim countries that the United States can never be a trusted ally to bring peace to the region and the global community.

The European Union on Sept. 20 warned President Barack Obama that the bill is in violation of international law. The official letter stated, “The possible adoption and implementation of the (bill) would be in conflict with fundamental principles of international law and in particular the principle of State sovereign immunity.”

The group also strongly stated that the European Union would distance itself from US officials adding: “Our national security interests, our capacity to fight terrorism and our leadership role in the world would be put in serious jeopardy. Beyond the predictable endangerment of our official representatives, the chilling effect this legislation would have on US officials overseas would undermine our ability to coordinate and consult with other nations to fight terrorism and therefore would endanger the American people and all those who interact with them.”

Arab countries and others who have suffered at the hands of American foreign policy and military might must now stand up for their rights and demand justice. The victims of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya to name but a few should also demand for justice and make the US pay for its war crimes that have ruined and destroyed whole countries not just a few innocent souls.

“People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

This article was first published in the Saudi Gazette on Oct. 01, 2016.

Samar Fatany is a Chief Broadcaster in the English section at Jeddah Broadcasting Station. Over the past 28 years, she has introduced many news, cultural, and religious programs and has conducted several interviews with official delegations and prominent political personalities visiting the kingdom. Fatany has made significant contributions in the fields of public relations and social awareness in Saudi Arabia and has been involved in activities aiming at fighting extremism and enhancing women’s role in serving society. She has published three books: “Saudi Perceptions & Western Misconceptions,” “Saudi Women towards a new era” and “Saudi Challenges & Reforms.”


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