Will Trump’s stern views on Muslim Brotherhood translate into action?

Mohammed Salah
Mohammed Salah
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It comes as no surprise that sustained pressure is being applied on the Trump administration to prevent the labelling of Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group. The pressure is coming from advocacy groups, think-tanks, print media and TV channels, and public figures, mainly Democrats or the inner circle of the administration of former president Barak Obama.

It is natural for the Brotherhood to contest such a decision and rush to move its supporters, members and their massive media propaganda machinery to thwart the step. Some nations are empathizing with it, hosting its lead figures and providing safe havens for the fugitives beside financially supporting them and their families, either for mutual interest reasons or for sharing the same ideology and the principles.

That is totally different when it comes to the American side as it is something that goes above and beyond a sole debate when leading US newspapers express caution over serious implications of adding the Brotherhood to the terror list. When Obama’s henchmen turned activists challenged it, in their point of view it could possibly tantamount to a confrontation with the Trump administration.

It is worth noting that these are the same sources that were hard-pressed during the eight years of Obama’s terms toward the alterations of Arab regimes granting the Islamists opportunities to rule. This pushed the gusty winds of Arab Spring to run havoc in the region resulting in total chaos and the Arab people are paying exorbitant price for nothing but an overall cataclysm and destruction. They are the people who ignited the spark that started an inferno and engulfed the Arab region.

Brotherhood figures are said to have managed not only to infiltrate Obama administration but also manipulated and influenced its decisions. They have worked for years to pave the way for the Brotherhood to infiltrate public spheres, establishing media conduits, and seizing power under the pretext of democracy.

It is natural for the Brotherhood to contest such a decision and rush to mobilize its supporters, members and their massive media propaganda machinery to thwart the step

Mohammed Salah

Trump presidency

Trump winning the US presidency will not obfuscate or hinder their incessant efforts to bolster the Brotherhood. According to the New York Times, the total cost of the epic devastating proportion of Arab Spring amounted to $830 billion, in addition to other catastrophes in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, and Syria.

The newspaper referred to unprecedented degeneration in the Arab world coinciding with “further progress and development” achieved by other nations, acknowledging, at the same time, that the process of tearing down the Arab world is still ongoing.

Arabs are fighting Arabs in Yemen, Syria, Libya and Iraq and causing absolute devastation in these countries. The terrorists are waging war against humanity under the name of Islam, though 70 percent of their victims are Muslims. The American factions shielding the Brotherhood as if they are a native group fighting fiercely to roadblock enlisting them as a terror group since Arab wounds bleeding and healing seems improbable.

There is no future for a society’s decline to be categorized as the constituents are classified according to ethnicity and sectarianism. These groups believe opportunities still exist amid chaotic circumstances in some countries in the region. They envision the possibility of the Muslim Brotherhood seizing power here and there and simultaneously making a comeback.

Overall, undoubtedly Trump and his administration have stern views on Brotherhood and if a bill to call for declaring them a terror organization is issued it will be a move that would greatly restrict the controversial group’s global reach. However, the group is already labeled as terror entity in Egypt and other Arab countries, and the expected US decision is just a complementary step.

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Mohammed Salah is a writer at Al-Hayat newspaper and its Bureau Chief in Cairo.

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