‘Master Bomb’ and Trump’s message to the world

This is really a scary bomb, Weighing 10 tons, the power of its explosion is unprecedented if we exclude the nuclear element, which is enormously destructive. Designed to penetrate the fortifications, tunnels and basements. There is no hope of survival for those who exist in the targeted place. It is a tremendous fire wave; a programmed and ruthless earthquake.

It is not an exaggeration to call it “The Master Bomb!” The fighters of ISIS, al-Qaeda and Taliban have to think carefully. It became an actual suicidal mission to set the American coat on fire. America has a long hand. As well as the hands of its laboratories. The Tunnels can no longer be considered as a safe haven, it does not even deserve to be called so anymore, as it is not enough now to prohibit the anger of the President in the White House.

The morale explosive power of the bomb passed through Afghanistan. Most probably Russian generals are going to think about it for a long time. Their army has the ability to turn cities into ruined fields. But the aura of this bomb challenges them, it leaves deep concussions in the morale of their partners. Generals know that what’s more important than the power of a bomb is to take a quick decision to throw it out.

Trump was acting on the basis that America in his time is able to reassure its allies and provoke its adversaries

Ghassan Charbel

Ding Dong to Russia and Iran

Leaving the Russian generals aside under their vast nuclear umbrella. There is no doubt that the North Korean president is concerned with the “Master bomb”, whom has been addicted to the nuclear and missile blackmailing. He received the news while preparing to celebrate his grandfather's birthday in an atmosphere of suspense and intimidation. His generals have to foresee through what happened in Afghanistan. The same goes for the Iranian generals who have turned diplomatic and missile tunnels into a permanent policy.

Certainly they would not overlook that the bomb loaded with explosives and messages came a week after the American missiles rained down on the Syrian Shayrat Airbase. They know that what’s more dangerous than these missiles is the decision to throw them.

Most probably, the generals of Russia, North Korea, Iran and Syria feel sorry that Barack Obama's days has come to an end. In his days, the American Red Line became a popular joke on social media sites. Some of them were hasty to believe that America has already turned into a paper tiger.

Trump’s thumbprint

Can the journalist take the risk to state that Donald Trump's actual era began with bombing the Syrian airport and was confirmed by dropping “The Master Bomb”? Is it possible to say that what’s more dangerous than the terrible bomb is the change happened to the image of the President sitting in the Oval Office?

Trump has been observed by his opponents and allies since he started his duties. The 100-day exam was not easy. Much has been written about the confusion of the new ruling. Lacking both coherent vision and team. The period was full of contradictory statements and hasty decisions. Many predicted that the reign of Trump would have an irreparable infections; domestically and abroad. An infection that would be internationally seen as similar to Obama and his famous red line.

It is clear that Trump listened carefully to his administration and generals. America wants to be influential, it must be strong. Recovering America's influence and creating a clear image of the president. A president who does not hesitate to make difficult decisions when they are necessary to protect US interests. Thus Trump was acting on the basis that America in his time is able to reassure its allies and provoke its adversaries.

Rebooting the war on terror

The missiles that targeted Shayrat Airbase have revived the American Red Line. Trump's administration took advantage of the chemical attack; the president made a quick decision that pointed a finger at the Syrian regime, damaged the image of the Russian president and the role of his country.

This was accompanied by a very important political step, which was to hint at the improving relations with China; if Russia chose to continue to protect the practices of the Syrian regime and did not oblige it to accept a serious political agreement. The Afghanistan bomb came to confirm that America is leading the war on terrorism from Afghanistan, Mawsel, to Al-Raqqa, and that the Russian role in this war is incomplete or ambiguous.

Due to the two strikes, America seemed to regain its controlling seat, making it able to give guarantees, assurances and warnings. The return of Trump from Twitter to the established US institutions, in case he continued, would be a more severe bomb for the international balances than the missiles targeted the Shayrat Airbase and the Afghanian “Master Bomb”.

Most probably Vladimir Putin made a big mistake when he hesitated to launch a serious and convincing political agreement in Syria, preferring to wait for a full deal. If he had done that, Trump would have found no choice other than supporting the Russian Syria to reduce the chances establishing of the Iranian Syria.

When the American President regains the leadership position and reinforces his country's diplomacy, world leaders in this or that country must recalculate their own agendas.

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Ghassan Charbel is the Editor-in-Chief of London-based Al-Hayat newspaper.

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