How to identify the Brotherhood media?

Mamdouh AlMuhaini
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In his most recent interview, Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman addressed the attempts made by the Brotherhood-affiliated media to mar Egypt-Saudi relations. This is actually a very important point and it is an appropriate occasion to discuss this dangerous propaganda machine that continuously spreads lies and rumors and insults everyone who disagrees with it.

Sabotaging relations between Egypt and Saudi Arabia is the only aim of the Brotherhood’s media campaign. There are also attacks against the UAE as rumors are continuously spread that there are deep differences between the UAE and Saudi Arabia. These campaigns have not spared Bahrain and the list goes on.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s media does not stop at stirring this uproar but like any other totalitarian media, its content is bad and naively presented. Therefore, it is easy to understand the direct messages it continuously sends.

Politically speaking, Brotherhood followers attack moderate countries through media outlets or social media networks because they are the only stable fortresses that the group and its leaders seek to remove from their way to seize authority via the same method which the Shiite Brotherhood version in Tehran used to seize power.

The Brotherhood resorts to all possible means to incite, whether through books, articles or even tweets, to make these moderate countries look illegitimate. They turn the leaders of the state into tyrants, security forces into murderers, journalists into Zionists, businessmen into corrupt men (only those who don’t donate money to them). They turn moderate clerics into lickspittles, thinkers into heretics and respectable women into morally decadent.

This is how they seek to remove any moral cover off institutions and people so their path is clear and so they have the moral and religious pretext for rebellion and disobedience.

With the rise of social media networks, spreading indignation and anger over the current situations has become the way to mobilize people and prepare them for the moment of big conflagration

Mamdouh AlMuhaini

A mean plan

It’s a mean plan and it doesn’t end here. With the rise of social media networks, spreading indignation and anger over the current situations has become the way to mobilize people and prepare them for the moment of the big conflagration. We can see how unintentional statements by some officials are transformed into an excuse to spread frustration and create pessimism.

The Brotherhood’s media escalates its campaign and directs it to directly or indirectly attack the state in order to weaken it and make people lose confidence in it. The Brotherhood seizes every occasion, be it significant or not, and comes up with a hashtag to pass lies on social media. They also dig up stories from the past to serve this purpose.

This is why we don’t see any Brotherhood propaganda against governments and parties that are allied with it and that submit to its agenda. The Brotherhood does not criticize them even if they’re drowned in problems and crises. Of course they have mutual interests and these countries or parties use the Brotherhood’s rage to achieve their goals.

One of the Brotherhood’s well-known approaches is to hijack high moral principles and engage them in cheap bids. They hijacked the religion of Islam and turned it into a weapon that they directed against “deviant enemies”. They also exploited pan-Arabism and tried to transform the image of their rivals who believe in political realism into agents and spies. They search books, articles, tweets and news for any word that they can use to insult others.

The Brotherhood campaign is also very fierce on the educational, cultural and media fronts as they seek to exercise control over these sectors. They want the education minister to be one of them so they conspire against the ministers who prevent them from executing their plan. The Brotherhood got involved in the education sector in several Arab countries and completely destroyed it by planting the worst thoughts ever in students’ minds.

Conspiracy theories

They planted religious hatred and conspiracy theories in their heads. Instead of preparing students to be ready for life and to accept all ideas and orientations, the Brotherhood put them on a path to destruction. They taught them how to hate others who practice different faith or sects or different ideas.

They turned young people into isolated ones making them obsessed with “conspiracies being planned against the nation”. This is why teenagers who are supposed to be independent and full of life end up being brainwashed. They become mouthpieces that leaders use in their incessant judgment of others.

It is due to this Brotherhood ideology that universities and educational institutions, which previously called for enlightenment, have collapsed. Brotherhood teachers are leading these universities and are roaming their hallways thus leading to catastrophic results in their lecture halls.

It is therefore not difficult to understand why they are hostile to enlightening newspapers and television channels and why they attack intellectuals and journalists. They adopt the same approach of insulting others and scandalizing them to intimidate them so they leave the arena entirely for them.

Although this Brotherhood media is naïve and its approaches are well-known, it’s still dangerous because it is based on a culture that the Brotherhood has contributed to spreading for years now. It is therefore easy to influence people through it.
However, the easiest way to avoid this negative influence is to realize the Brotherhood media’s approaches and what’s easier is to doubt anything the Brotherhood praises and defends!

This article is also available in Arabic.
Mamdouh AlMuhaini is the Editor-in-Chief of Al Arabiya News Channel’s digital platforms. He can be followed on Twitter @malmhuain

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