‘Leave’, the Qatari slogan that backfired

Fares bin Hezam

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The slogan “leave” has been very popular during the phase of the so-called Arab Spring. It’s the right term to address when raising questions about the party which coined it. We all know the repercussions of that phase as it did not take several years for the harmful and painful consequences to unfold in the Arab world.

I recall this specifically bitter word (leave) out of the several slogans which emerged in the beginning of 2011 and which voiced the people’s enthusiasm and fueled popular voices. These developments were not limited to the small country of Tunisia, as the situation escalated and protests erupted in an Arab country which has a major political and historic weight.

Perhaps it was not expected that its streets will be led by this momentum and by that useless approach to create a real “Arab revolution” – that is if we consider that it was in fact a virtuous revolution. The fire of the Arab Spring thus reached Egypt. Those who joined this “revolution” or seized it later began to sabotage Egypt and disrupt the state.

Egypt is the homeland and origin of Muslim Brotherhood leaders who found a friendly environment for all their expansive ambitions in a “rich Gulf state.” The latter has for years worked on providing the Muslim Brotherhood with solid references and it also facilitated its movement and helped it achieve its goals of which the major one was destroying the home of the leaders of “Arabism Egypt.”

It has been a difficult war secretly led by Doha to hasten the collapse of the Egyptian state and to infiltrate the Saudi unity and weaken it

Fares bin Hezam

Muslim Brotherhood

I will not talk about the Muslim Brotherhood but about this Arab Spring’s end results. The Arab Spring has been imposed on the Arab and global political memory considering the unprecedented support it received to immortalize the brutality of what happened and what is still happening in Arab countries.

We can anticipate this end result and there’s currently a confrontation against those who sowed this destruction in countries like Tunisia, Libya, Iraq, Syria and Palestine. The source and origin of everything which the so-called “Arab Spring” produced has begun to emerge, and it is Doha. Qatar is today incapable of defending or justifying the sources of destruction in these countries. Its arrogance has even led it to target countries which share the same fate with it and which share solid religious and cultural ties with it.

The “General Father” led the path towards his empire via the coup on his late father Khalifa II in 1995. He founded the theories of the new “guide,” and the so-called “Arab Spring” constituted a fertile ground to spread the plans that aim to disrupt the strong ties among some blocs. The common fate between Egypt – which is the depth of Arab resilience – and Gulf countries was a direct target for the “new” Doha.

Back then, Qatar hid behind developmental plans which included foreign investments, modern infrastructure projects and massive financial capabilities. It exploited them to strengthen its presence in the international arena. However, its hidden agenda was to rip Arab unity apart according to the plan set by the “General Father” and the schemes he’s prepared for his son afterwards.

Simplest slogan

Let’s go back to the simplest slogan during these protests which is “leave.” This was a frank term used to voice the people’s rejection of their presidents. We heard it in Libya and Tunisia. However to Doha, “leave” echoed all over the world.

When protests first began in Tahrir Square in Cairo, official and non-official Qatari media outlets, both public and hidden, worked to expand these protests against Hosni Mubarak’s regime. However, they did not do so to support the Egyptian people as they’ve given up on them during their darkest moment after they brought the Muslim Brotherhood to power.

They insulted, humiliated and defamed all leaders from Egypt’s modern history and their slogan did not exceed the word “leave.”

It’s been a difficult war which has been secretly led by Doha to strengthen the collapse of the Egyptian state and to infiltrate the Saudi unity and weaken it. The scene comes to a halt today. It entirely collapses in front of the “general’s ambition” particularly in Doha which is usurped by these failed practices. Everything collapses in front of the truth.

Reprimand and anger which are concerned over Doha seem to be echoing “leave,” as this is in the interest of Qatar and its continuity. Leave, Tamim. Leave with your father, the general, and take with you his history which we will not miss at all.

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Fares bin Hezam is Editor-in-Chief at Al Arabiya Channel.

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