Will holding Qatar accountable obstruct other battles?

Mashari Althaydi

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Some people have been asking “What’s the point of punishing Qatar or Qatar’s policies to be specific when we (who is we?) are fighting the nation’s battle (against whom?) now?”

According to the propaganda of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Sururists, who are a Salafized branch of the Brotherhood, the nation’s battle, which is the only battle, is against the Safavid invasion. They are referring to the Khomeini republic and its networks, and Qatar is a partner in this battle.

According to some leftists and westerners who sympathize with Qatar, the world’s battle is against ISIS and it is only against ISIS as all other battles are silly. Qatar contributes to this war by providing its bases and funds.

During the German foreign minister’s press conference with his Qatari counterpart few days ago, he commented on the recent Saudi, Emirati, Egyptian, Bahraini and other countries’ fury against Doha and said that everyone must remember that our only battle is against ISIS.

Decisive propaganda

Let’s put aside this deceiving propaganda by the Brotherhood and the Sururists regarding confronting Iran, which is being obstructed now due to this anger from Qatar as they claim.

Let us go beyond this “selfishness” or say “naivety,” if you don’t want to say “spitefulness” in the German minister’s statements, and play along with these arguments.

According to some leftists and westerners who sympathize with Qatar, the world’s battle is against ISIS and all other battles are silly. According to them, Qatar contributes to this war by providing its bases and funds

Mashari Althayidi

Who said Doha’s policies have been against the interests of the Khomeini republic for the past 20 years? Who said Doha was honestly working with determination and good intentions against the terrorist al-Qaeda network and its ungrateful branch ISIS?

There’s clear financial, media and political evidence pointing to strange relations between al-Qaeda figureheads and Doha. Osama bin Laden had commended Al-Jazeera television channel. A number of the channel’s journalists, such as Tayseer Allouni and Sami al-Hajj, have been detained over terrorist charges and links to al-Qaeda.

The Houthi network

Relations between Iran and its networks, such as the Houthi network, are well-known and can be clearly seen. I recommend reading Fahd al-Sharfi’s article “Qatar’s story in Saada mountains”, which has been published in this daily. Sharfi is a Yemeni journalist from Saada and his article provides insights to these relations.

Badreddine al-Houthi, the father of Abdulmalik and Hussein, thanked Hamad bin Khalifa in a famous speech in February 2010 and also thanked “the lions of Islam in Iran” for their support of the Houthis!

In 2008 during the fifth Houthi war, Yemeni tribal leader Mohammed bin Naji al-Shayef accused “Iran of standing behind the Qatari mediation” between the Yemeni government and the Houthis and confirmed that “Qatar was only a messenger sent by Iran.”

This is the real problem. It is not about a siege or ignoring the real issue, which people like Mr. Erdogan cannot see clearly. In short, in order for the “real” confrontation to succeed against Sunni and Shiite networks of chaos and terrorism, some Arab and Islamic countries and other countries decided to tell Doha: Enough in enough.
It’s time for real work.

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