Is American media being ‘professional’ toward Trump?

Mashari Althaydi

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If the American media, which has a hostile and leftist approach against American President Donald Trump and his administration, hadn’t made the mistake of publishing false reports one after another, their report that American forces at one point came “particularly close” to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi would have passed without a trace. It wouldn’t definitely have angered the president and the Pentagon’s generals.

Trump recently slammed the New York Times on Twitter and said: “The Failing New York Times foiled US attempt to kill the single most wanted terrorist, al-Baghdadi. Their sick agenda over National Security.”

According to the AFP, it seems, Trump is referring to General Tony Thomas’s remarks during a press conference in Aspen in which he confirmed that American forces came “particularly close” to Baghdadi at one point in 2015 but lost the lead following media leaks. Meanwhile, the NYT on Saturday requested the White House to clarify the tweet.

Actually, this is not the first time something like this has happened. Trump has himself said that no American president has been subjected to such media hostility as much as he was. Some say this is due to Trump’s character and temper and that since he was not friendly to the American media, the latter just fired back.

Meanwhile, others believe, the issue is much more than whether the media likes him or not as the leftist American media bases its work on opposing policies and ideas particularly after liberal leftism prospered during Barack Obama’s term and especially that we are before a major system that wants to keep the media and Hollywood’s society as its spearhead. Of course they are aided by Arab media outlets, which consume this propaganda.

Trump and his administration have certainly committed mistakes. However, relentless demonizing of the administration and trying to destroy its image even before it finishes its first term, serves whose interest?

Mashari Althaydi

Professional approach

This is not the first time that fury blinds major media outlets and deviates them from professionalism while covering Trump. Journalist Mamdouh al-Muhaini wrote in detail about the American media’s “faults” toward Trump’s administration. The Washington Post apologized for its bad report about the UAE and for taking the Qatari side of the story.

The New York Times also issued an apology for one of its stories while CNN apologized for running a fabricated report about Trump’s administration and suspended three of its employees.

Trump and his administration has certainly committed mistakes. This is normal. However, relentless demonizing of the administration and trying to destroy its image even before it finishes its first term, serves whose interest? Is this just spontaneous media mischief?

Yes, a part of what has been happening relates to American domestic affairs. However, the US greatly influences our world and to us, Trump’s administration is a lot better than Obama’s administration which the world’s leftists shed tears over.

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