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Mashari Althaydi

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In Arabic literature, be it traditionally or in recent memory, there are famous speeches that have become memorable and exalted statements primarily for their intricate rhetoric. Regardless of the aim and the political objective behind such speeches, and whether their aims are good or bad, the ugly and the beautiful is always a matter of perspective.

The most recent one that is worth looking into is that of Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim al-Thani which went on for 17 minutes and a few seconds. We don’t know how to categorize this speech according to the standards of old or new speeches but honestly speaking, we can say that although he spoke for some time, he did not come up with anything new or unique.

The content of his speech has become common to Arabs. It is like listening to a speech by the eloquent Brotherhood orators. Well, no wonder as Hassan al-Banna, the Brotherhood’s first guide, was known for his sharp statements and eloquence.

The habit of using the Palestinian card has become redundant and is basically destructive to the Palestinian cause itself

Mashari Althaydi

Sheikh Tamim speech

Sheikh Tamim’s speech, which was carefully written, was nothing more than an argument from Al-Jazeera channel and its guests who support the axis of resistance in its new version.

He was not right when he spoke about “injustice” against Qatar because it supports what’s right – who is right? – and because it is biased to Arabs if it hadn’t been for others’ “conspiracies” against it.

The interpretation of this statement is: We wanted to topple Arab states and enable the Brotherhood but we were prevented from doing so and Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the rest of Arab “people” refused.

I will frankly say that the worst part of Tamim’s speech was the statement he made on supporting Jerusalem and al-Aqsa Mosque following the recent developments. He made this statement and then tried to “employ” this sensitive matter in another affair which is Arab countries’ sovereign right to prevent Qatar from tampering with peace and security.

What does this have to do with that? It is as if Jerusalem’s salvation is linked to holding back from Qatar. “What is the matter with you? How do you judge?”

The habit of using the Palestinian card has become redundant and is basically destructive to the Palestinian cause itself. Khomeini did this before him and his students, such as Nasrallah, still do. Those who manipulate people’s feelings, such as Baathists, nationalists, leftists and of course the Brotherhood, have all done this in the past as well.

Emir Tamim’s speech will be added to the archives of Arab ‘Batra’ speeches.

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