The true meaning of ‘jihad’ and the Brotherhood’s big con

Mohammed Al Shaikh

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The most important weapon in the hands of terrorists is to violate and abuse the term “jihad” and link it to terrorist and suicide attacks. Leaders of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood were the first to exploit and violate this noble concept since the beginning of their terrorist operations, when they assassinated Egyptian prime minister El Nokrashy Pasha in mid-20th century. Since that time, terrorist operations began to pick up pace. The deceitful Muslim Brotherhood leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi tried to give doctrinal legitimacy to suicide operations to make it look legitimate jihad in Islam.

Jihad in Islam - as it is known - has its conditions, specifications and caveats. Since early times, the scholars of Islam had thought through these stipulations. Throughout history, jihad was not associated with indiscriminate killing of people or deliberately bringing about destruction. It was not until this ridiculous organization came along to preach what was not even mentioned in the Quran. Nevertheless, the Muslim Brotherhood became very popular and young, ignorant people lined up in queues to become suicide bombers, in order to enjoy the pleasures of Paradise. Muslim Brotherhood exploited the repressed sexuality of the youth and their tendency to commit violence for the benefit of the organization.

For bringing about revolution, Muslim societies need to follow the obligation of obedience of Sunnis towards their guardian, and the impossibility of dissent against it. Salman al-Awda has published a book called Questions in the Revolution in which he cites all the evidence on this issue, interprets some of them and completely discredits others. The government censored his book and prevented him from selling it in libraries. Nasser al-Omar also issued an inflammatory book against the Shiites titled The Reality of Shiites in the Country of Monotheism, in which he launched an atonement campaign against them, although they are native citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a basic constituent of society.


Such misleading calls made it easier for ISIS to attract Saudis to conduct suicide attacks in mosques of the Shiite community in the Kingdom. It goes without saying that the legitimate jihad in Islam is to be under the banner of the guardian or with his permission. Therefore, all those who call for jihad, whether through a sermon, a public statement, or a book; instigate against a constituent or group within a society, or foment a culture of hatred to provoke young people and pave the way for their recruitment to terrorist movements, should be prosecuted, because they have a central role in creating the atmosphere of terrorism.

Al-Qaradawi cannot be tried and punished because he lives in a state that believes in his doctrine. As for the Saudi instigators, it is time to try them and hold them accountable, especially since evidence condemns them and their terrorist operations, their seditious practices and their suspicious relations in the cradle of Qatar. Their punishment is a duty and an obligation.

Mohammed Al Shaikh is a Saudi writer with al-Jazirah newspaper. He tweets @alshaikhmhmd

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