Is Hamad bin Khalifa obstructing Qatar’s return to Gulf fold?

Sawsan Al Shaer

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We wait for the day when Qatar returns as an Arab country to its strategic depth and Gulf fold. We hope the day comes when we celebrate this return together.

However, this cannot be achieved by voicing hopes. It has become clear that as long as Hamad bin Khalifa is present, he will not let Qatar return to its fold. This is based on evidence and we must deal with the situation accordingly.

The issue is also not about opposing media campaigns. It is actually governed by a firm decision taken by Hamad bin Khalifa, which stipulates that Qatar will not return to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) after his project has been exposed.

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Meanwhile, Tamim will not be given a chance to decide Qatar’s future. During the past 48 hours, Tamim made promises to the Emir of Kuwait but his father broke these promises half an hour later by instructing the foreign minister to deny what happened. The best comment I heard about this is that the phone is in Tamim’s hand and the laptop is in Hamad’s lap.

After this, a mediator is advised to reach a final agreement with Hamad bin Khalifa directly. The mediator can then decide what to convey to the four boycotting countries. He must not waste his precious time with Emir Tamim or embarrass himself. Unfortunately, this is the truth, which the entire world learnt in the past two days.

The world now knows Hamad bin Khalifa will never let Tamim govern and that Qatar will not return to its brothers as long as he is involved

Sawsan Al Shaer

A chance to govern

We were hoping that Emir Tamim will be given a chance to govern Qatar via a new approach that clears out what his father and prime minister have done and turn a new page so things go back to normal. We were hoping the father will give his son this chance and not obstruct his vision for the future. We were hoping the father would let his son be honest and keep his promises; however his authoritarianism destroyed all respect people had toward his son.

The world now knows that Hamad bin Khalifa will never let Tamim govern and that Qatar will not return to its brothers as long as he is involved. He will not even let any of Tamim’s brothers govern. Even if Tamim is replaced by his brother Jawaan, or another brother, the decision will still be the father’s.

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Hamad bin Khalifa, the team of Azmi and the Muslim Brotherhood will have the final say in Qatar. This is what we have learnt after three months of the crisis. The Qatari people, al-Thani and Qatar have been hijacked and are held captives by those assigned to execute “the project of toppling regimes.”

This hijacking will end only if the 13 demands are met. Once implemented, these will remove power from the hands of Hamad bin Khalifa and undermine his tools. Tamim will thus get rid of his father’s authoritarianism and Qatar will go back to its Arab and Gulf brothers.

Tamim’s father will not let Tamim keep his promises no matter how many of these he makes to Kuwait’s Emir or to Trump. This is the truth which mediators must acknowledge and which we are already aware of.

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Sawsan Al Shaer is a Bahraini writer and journalist. She tweets under the handle @sawsanalshaer.

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