Why Qatar’s agents should face the law

Mohammed Al Shaikh

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Those following Qatari crisis assert that it will prolong and may further escalate. It is like Doha is telling us: “You must either let us interfere in your affairs and recruit your people to use them against you and shake your stability and security or you are violating our sovereignty.”

This ridiculous fuss will not change anything, and all the money, which Qatar spent to get other countries to support dialogue, will not yield any results.

The exposure of Hamad bin Jassim and Hamad bin Khalifa is nothing new. News reports about their schemes are not based on mere accusations as shameful recordings of them revealing their conspiracies have been made public. So why not let them drown in their problems and pay attention to their Saudi agents who crossed to Qatar back and forth through the Salwa border crossing?

These agents have been to Doha’s Amiri Palace and returned to Saudi Arabia carrying bags full of money. Why aren’t they interrogated? Why not track the funds they have received from Qatar? These agents were not paid for nothing by Hamad bin Khalifa and Hamad bin Jassim as they were hired to execute their destructive agendas, which they actually detailed in the leaked recordings.

We have suffered at the hands of opportunist deceitful men who use religion to serve suspicious aims. It’s time to hold them accountable

Mohammed Al Shaikh

Imposters behind bars

I am certain that those Islamized Saudi imposters who bid on reforms in the kingdom are now behind bars and that proof of their illegal activity is beyond reasonable doubt. So why doesn’t the public prosecution begin interrogating them and looking into the fortunes they made from collaborating with Qatar?

These traitors’ punishment is a purely national case which giving up on or being tolerant about is viewed as neglecting the country’s security and stability. Punishing them will also be a precedent that will deter opportunists and weak-spirited men from harming the country’s security and working for its enemies. Holding them accountable will thus teach others a lesson.

Saud al-Qahtani, an advisor in the Saudi royal court, recently said on Twitter that a “black list” will be announced to name those who were conspiring with Hamad to implement his destructive agenda. I think the time is now right to publish this list, especially that it includes figures who seize opportunities to make demands that embarrass the state while falsely claiming that these demands aim to support religion.

Meanwhile, they visit Doha and check in at hotels with bars full of alcoholic drinks – as many have confirmed to me. If they are honest as they claim to be, wouldn’t they have use their close ties to Hamad bin Jassim and Hamad bin Khalifa to advise them against such public prohibitions? Well they do not care about this since all that concerns them are the black bags packed with Qatari riyals. The Hamads’ regime has taken some photos of them as they’ve received these payments so it acts as proof against them.

We have greatly suffered from these opportunist deceitful men who use religion to serve suspicious aims. It’s time to scandalize them and hold them accountable. These wrongdoers deserve the most severe forms of punishment as those who conspire with others against their country to harm it and destabilize it are the homeland’s number one enemy.

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Mohammed Al Shaikh is a Saudi writer with al-Jazirah newspaper. He tweets @alshaikhmhmd.

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