When will FIFA pull the 2022 World Cup from Qatar?

Mohammed Al Shaikh
Mohammed Al Shaikh
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Qatar's hosting of the 2022 World Cup will almost certainly be withdrawn and given to another country, with Britain being the top candidate. This has become a reality that will be confirmed over time. Major European newspapers have written about this.

Qatar is a small country, with only one city, Doha, being its capital. It has no record in the history of the World Cup of being qualified for this huge international event. In addition, FIFA's appointment for Qatar to host the World Cup was associated with reports on financial bribes that the Qataris gave to the influential people in this international organization. I have no doubt that these rumors were one of the reasons why the new FIFA management will withdraw the hosting rights from Qatar.

Sports is mainly about human ethics and values, seeking rapprochement across the world, the coexistence of people from different backgrounds. The scandals and suspicions over the former FIFA management’s practices and the receipts of bribes, some of which are still under investigation, have impacted how the whole tournament is being viewed. The new FIFA bosses are attempting to correct this image.

The Qatari government does not hesitate - as it has been reported - to pay any amount of bribes in order to achieve its political objectives. This government clearly does not value the wealth of the Qatari people, just to achieve its own dreams of becoming a significant player in the region.

Qatar simply did not have the infrastructure to host such a huge international event, which has made it spend nearly $200 billion on the establishment of sports facilities and infrastructure to allow it to host the World Cup. Considering the small population, this means that the cost per citizen is $6 million dollars, which is 25 million Qatari riyals. In addition, Qatar has been accused by many international human rights organizations of disregarding the rights of the workers involved in the establishment of the sports facilities required for this event.

Rational minds in Qatar should stop and think about what this crazy escapade is costing the county. Who is responsible for the consequences of this scandal? What assurances have they been given by their leaders, whether it’s Tamim, who is actually not in charge at all, or others. Tamim is being managed, he is not doing the managing. Adventurers and risk-takers Hamad bin Khalifa and Hamad bin Jassim will inevitably lead their country to its end.

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Mohammed Al Shaikh is a Saudi writer with al-Jazirah newspaper. He tweets @alshaikhmhmd.

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