The Saudi revolution: It’s time for skeptics to stop doubting

Sawsan Al Shaer
Sawsan Al Shaer
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It is time for the skeptics to stop expressing their doubt and surprise, to stop rubbing their eyes and start immersing themselves in the wave of change happening in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Everyone, including the citizens of GCC and Arab countries, need to be aware that this Saudi renaissance today is bigger and more comprehensive than just the kingdom, and more impactful than you may think.

We are facing a socio-economic revolution spearheaded by the leaders of the country of leaders, open for everyone to participate. This revival is big enough to accommodate everyone.

This is proven due to the fact that Saudi Arabia’s borders are open to both Africa and Asia, and only the forward-minded in East Asia, Europe and the US will jump at the opportunity to get involved.

One can understand the reasons for the skepticism, however these skeptics should admit that what is happening in the kingdom this time around is an unprecedented white revolution; a revolution that has sensed, studied and absorbed its potential resources, and awakened them.

It has awakened and realized the long way it has to go to keep up with this day and age, as well as to reach its rightful place as a leading country full of potential. It is an unbelievably quick change; a reality that we are living moment by moment.

We will not deny that when Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman announced Vision 2030, we remembered similar experiences in which the will for political and executive change had lapsed. There was a gap between the vision and reality as the missteps exceeded the accomplishments, to the point where this vision became a dream, and the execution plans were merely ink on paper.

We will not deny that even the Saudi people themselves remembered previous attempts and visions that promised change and development, which also failed in execution and couldn’t withstand the vigorous resistance.

However, today, we cannot deny that this time is different. Yes, this time is different and what is happening in Saudi Arabia is a change that has not been witnessed by four generations before us. What is happening in Saudi Arabia today has even bypassed recommendations written in a 2015 forecast by the McKinsey Global Institute.

What is happening in Saudi Arabia is a change that has not been witnessed by four generations before us. What is happening in Saudi Arabia today has even bypassed recommendations written in a 2015 forecast by the McKinsey Global Institute.

Sawsan Al Shaer

This time we are facing a unique situation, this time one person is spearheading the vision and how to execute it so there will not be any conflict between the dreamers and the executers. The fact that one person is betting on succeeding to prove himself, is a guarantee that should put you at ease.

This time, execution precedes the decision making. One is racing with oneself at an unbelievable pace. A decision is not made unless its resources, administrative structure, budget and its international partners are readily available. This counts as the most important guarantee for the continuation and success of the kingdom, inside and out.

This time, the economic revolution overlaps with the social revolution, the advancement of women, the advancement of religious institutes, religious conversation, taking into account different social factions, building new cities, and the advancement of arts and sciences; these are all social factors: women, youth, demographic distribution, religious institutes, culture and entertainment etc. Factors that, when left behind, will cripple any sort of development sooner or later. And this is exactly what used to deter any attempts at positive economic change. Not only that, it has deterred any economic vision that held the same principles of the current vision. Those did not put into account the power of these social factors to stop any progress. It left these obstacles to spread and therefore lead the resistance, prevent any attempts for advancement and eventually kill the vision.

This time, the war on corruption is fierce. There is no difference between anyone, whatever their background is. Actions are speaking louder than words, and we can see the vision being executed with our own eyes. Active decisions are being made overnight, without retreat.

This time, the war on terrorism is fierce. Their sources of funding are being attacked just as much as their armed members, with no distinction between terrorism that claims to be Sunni or Shiite.

Terrorism has no religion. This is a war that has taken up an unprecedented amount of American effort to support it, to dismantle the isolated areas where terrorist houses have grown, and to chase the caves that terrorist groups have hid in. All of this coincides with the building of new cities... This is the all-inclusive war that destroys and mends, that pours sour medicine, yet follows it up with healthy nutrition.

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Sawsan Al Shaer is a Bahraini writer and journalist. She tweets under the handle @sawsanalshaer.

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