Qatif’s stability is not a gambling card

Hassan Al Mustafa
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In the month of August, clashes with armed groups broke out in al-Masura neighborhood in al-Awamiyah. Some of those on the wanted list were killed while others were detained.

Qatif has been calm since then even though it’s a cautious one. Terrorist operations have gone down and hundreds of families have been allowed to return home. Work to clean Awamiyah neighborhoods began and governmental services began to gradually return thanks to joint efforts between state institutions and residents.


These efforts have always been ongoing even during confrontations between security forces and terrorists, and it’s all thanks to the areas’ elders, some clerics and brave men who insisted to give their best to confront the ideology of death.

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In recent months, patriotic figures in Qatif communicated with authorities in the eastern region and with the security and political command in Riyadh to get the area out of the swirl of violence, which gunmen wanted to maintain. Many figures bravely spoke out against terrorism and condemned regardless of the source and sect.

Their statements were part of a bigger scene as wise and silent efforts alongside security forces’ efforts achieved the clam situation, which the region enjoyed in the past few months.

Like other Saudis, citizens in Qatif look at the future with great hope. They follow the country’s transformation and aspire to be part of it

Hassan Al Mustafa

Probe underway

Few days ago, on November 6 to be precise, a security officer was killed near the town of al-Bahari in Qatif. Investigation is underway to establish who carried out the attack and what the objective was.

This incident brought to mind similar incidents that happened earlier this year. Many are wondering why this recent attack happened and what its motives are especially that people believe that “terrorism” is a blind weapon that only leads to more bloodshed and chaos.

Stability, rejecting violence and taking part in civil work is the real key to any development. This is what citizens in Qatif believe in. People there were thus surprised by this recent terror attack, which will not find any popular or religious support there.

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Like the rest of the Saudis, citizens in Qatif look at the future with great hope. They follow the changes happening in the country and aspire to be part of them.

They want to directly contribute toward achieving Vision 2030, just like their forefathers who contributed to establishing Aramco, giant petrochemical factories in the industrial city of Jubail and other projects in the eastern region and across the country.

The people of Qatif want to build their future. They want to be a model of modernity, awareness and patriotic commitment. They want to stand side-by-side with their partners in the country and to be among top ranks. Violence, which will backfire on those adopting it, will not intimidate them from pursuing this task.

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Hassan AlMustafa is Saudi journalist with interest in middle east and Gulf politics. His writing focuses on social media, Arab youth affairs and Middle Eastern societal matters. His twitter handle is @halmustafa.

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